45 Common Money Mistakes


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In life, economic uncertainty will always be a certainty. With that in mind, it is pertinent to find ways to curtail those uncertainties. Financial management might seem complicated, especially for young adults who are just starting to learn what it is like to earn a salary and manage expenses. A few of the topics I discussed in this book are:

• Never Ever Lend Money Kept In Your Custody

• Depending On The Generosity Of Strangers

• Keeping Up With The Joneses

Other People’s Lack Of Planning Cannot Be Your Emergency

• Patronising “Loan Sharks Plc”

• Lending Money To A Friend Of A Friend


Having managed funds for almost two decades, I have made some not so great moves. In this book, I document the personal mistakes I made in managing funds. My hope is that you will learn from them and not repeat my mistakes. A wise person learns from instructions and the mistakes of others. Be wise. Learn from my mistakes.


About the author.

Gabriel Omin is a negotiator by day and a creative writer at night. He is a trained Chemical Engineer armed with an MBA from Duke University with a deep interest in understanding how businesses are run. He is fascinated by the economies and aims to make personal finance easy to understand while taking on the subjects of the economy, money, savings, budgeting, and a whole gamut of financial and business topics.

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Gabriel E. Omin


Gabriel Omin





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45 Common Money Mistakes


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