25 Mistakes Young People Make Before Age 25

25 Mistakes Young People Make Before Age 25


25 Mistakes Young People Make Before Age 25 is a book to help guide young people on Mistakes that should be avoided. Looking at the peculiarity of young people and the high tendency to make mistakes in this crucial stage of their life which can in turn affect them forever, the writer has written extensively about his Mistakes while growing up which is what many young people face in these times.



The book also have lessons to learn from each mistakes which will help inform the reader on what to do and what should not be done after reading the book. Like it has always be said, A wise man will learn from other people’s mistake, it is only a fool who will wait to learn from his own mistakes when he could have learnt from others. This is a great guide and roadmap for young people below age 25.

About the author.

Abiodun Soniyi is just Unique as he is popularly called, he writes and speaks for impact. Ever since he found purpose, Abiodun has helped trained over 4000 young people, held several leadership positions and helped several young people grow their businesses. He is a certified Leader by the Daystar Leadership Academy and Relev Consult. Abiodun has also worked for brands like Utiva and Pass among many others.

He frequently writes on his LinkedIn page and growing the largest community of writers in Africa. Unique just also came out with his latest book “25 Mistakes Young People Make Before Age 25”.

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