• The Switch- Perspective To Success

    In a world of rapidly changing environment where millions of innovations and ways of approaching task are becoming multi-dimensional and overly distracted with the advent of growing (unverified) information on social media, it has become increasingly important to master the art of adjusting on a need basis in our attempt towards accomplishing dream goals and navigating life experiences. Switching strategies and creating perspectives to success is inevitable hence my desire to relate a young mind’s experience towards shaping the critical thinking process of growing, achieving, sustaining, and influencing our world. There are many misconceptions about what it means to be successful or how people achieve success. These are the days where people seek validation of their actions and judge their success by what others have achieved in life or along the journey without been privy to the process or steps taken towards such achievement. What does it mean to be successful, how do you sustain success and reproduce success to longevity and acceptance, who should be looked up to for mentorship and pinpoints to identify one of such? Should we even be dreaming of some things and if so, what are the things required in churning out successful outcomes of various ventures.

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