• The Nigerian-biafran Bureaucrat: Memoirs of Ambassador Godwin A. Onyegbula

    Was Ojukwu involved in the January 15, 1966 Coup? Could Aburi have prevented the slide into war, or only hammered the death-knell to a peaceful solution of the crisis? If the military foray to Ore had succeeded, what did the Biafrana intend to do with Nigeria? Was the French/Portuguese/Apartheid South African Axis, a liability or an asset to Biafran diplomacy and war efforts? How did a beleaguered Biafran State, with grossly under-equipped armed forces and a deprived populace, survive for about three years?
    These and other questions and issues are dealt with in this book, by someone who was General Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu’s top civilian aide and confidant, and also Biafra’s Chief Ambassador, Godwin Onyegbula.

    A close associate of the Biafran leader, he brings into this account, a rare and intimate knowledge of events, especially how the talents and resources of the Biafran people were harnessed to resist Black Africa’s mightiest military machine for almost three years.

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