• The Complete English Grammar Guides

    The Complete English Grammar Guide helps teachers, parents, and organizations take the struggle out of English grammar. The book is aimed at a broad audience, appealing to beginner, intermediary, and advanced English speakers because of its unique content. The content has been carefully chosen to aid practical learning of English grammar, therefore the author paid attention to areas of grammar that are often taken for granted by native English speakers and therefore overlooked, or not sufficiently explained in English textbooks in school. CEGG amongst other topics addresses key areas people struggle most within the learning process namely: • How to construct sentences correctly • The key components of English grammar • Tenses and Punctuation • Understanding the meaning of a question • Comprehension exercises • How to avoid common grammatical errors • How to pass exams.

    The book is simply written and filled with illustrations together with detailed explanations. It is reader-friendly and suited to any age and background.

  • The Complete English Grammar Guide

    Do you struggle to make yourself understood informal English? Discover a simple, easy-to-follow guide to speaking and writing fluently and correctly.

    Does your “Nigerian English” cause problems when taking exams? Are you trying to get employment or into university and need to score well? Do the rules of English grammar make no sense to you? With a Master’s in Law from Kings College, London, Helen Prest-Ajayi understands the intense effort of learning to use proper structure. And after spending years teaching and breaking down this often-confusing language into bite-sized chunks, she’ll show you how to speak easily and clearly.

    The Complete English Grammar Guide for Full Comprehension and Understanding is a step-by-step manual to the essential elements necessary for verbal and written success. Using tips, tools, and rules suited to any age and background, Prest-Ajayi’s illustrated resource makes it easy for anyone to improve their practical English. Whether you are studying for exams, applying for jobs, or simply aiming to become more fluent, you’ll soon be writing and speaking with confidence.

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