• Dear Pastor’s wife

    Dear Pastor’s Wife is the new revolutionary book for pastor’s wives and all those who love them.


    May sees the pastor’s wife as a special person created by God to bring good in every situation. In fact, she sees a woman’s call as a helpmate as a noble one that means without her presence, society, institutions, and families devolve into confusion and sub-optimal existence. The pastor’s wife is a crucial, often unrecognized part of the church. She brings good to the local assembly and needs to be recognized for all that she offers.


    In a bold and relatable way, Dear Pastor’s Wife is the book every pastor’s wife needs right now to thrive and be everything she has always wanted to be. It is also the book needed by everyone in the church who is not a pastor’s wife.

  • That Pastor’s wife

    A road-map for a serving or to-be Pastor’s wife to attain fulfillment in her ministry

    Exposes the need for Pastors to balance their home & church roles.

    Encourages Pastors &their wives to live real lives of grace not pretentious lives.

    Exposes the false assumptions, expectations and judgement faced by Pastors & their wives.

    Emphasis the role of the Church in fulfilling the call on the Pastors/wives.

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