• Pre-order Altar of Tradition

    Altar of Tradition is a collection of ten short stories told in seamlessly woven prose. The stories explore themes of love, loss, sexual abuse and the shackles of tradition in the face of modernity. There is a story about a young girl whose life takes a traumatic turn after being the victim of sexual assault; another about a community forced out of their home on Christmas eve by a horde of blood- thirsty, gun- wielding assailants; and another about a widow who has to swear before an ancient shrine to prove her innocence in the death of her husband.

    When her detractors start to fall ill shortly after, people begin to wonder, could it be the justice of the gods or something more sinister at work?

  • Anna Karenina

    Anna is a beautiful, intelligent woman whose passionate affair with the dashing Count Vronsky leads her to ruin. But her story is also about a search for meaning, and by twinning it with that of Levin, an awkward idealist whose happy marriage and domestic trials form the backdrop for a similar quest, Tolstoy creates a rich and complex masterpiece that has captured the imagination of readers for decades.

    Anna Karenina

  • First Person Singular: Stories

    Philosophical and mysterious, the stories in First Person Singular all touch beautifully on love and solitude, childhood and memory. . . all with a signature Murakami twist.

    The eight masterly stories in this new collection are all told in the first person by a classic Murakami narrator. From nostalgic memories of youth, meditations on music and an ardent love of baseball to dreamlike scenarios, an encounter with a talking monkey and invented jazz albums, together these stories challenge the boundaries between our minds and the exterior world. Occasionally, a narrator who may or may not be Murakami himself is present. Is it memoir or fiction? The reader decides.

  • Your Feet Will Lead You Where Your Heart Is

    Introducing a new generation of young Cameroonian writers, this bilingual anthology highlights new directions in the Cameroonian short story, as the stories move from fantasy, existentialism, afrojujuism to realism. An unusual narrator in “Spittle Royale” walks the fine line between empathy, radicalization and primal instinct.

    in “Finding Jaman” a correction facility cleaner hoards objects belonging to executed inmates leading to an interesting discovery; in the eponymous title story, lovers reconnect after forty years apart, unearthing secrets that will change their lives forever. The culmination of two workshops, one on creative writing and the other on literary translation, both followed by a mentorship period, these stories will remain with you long after you’ve finished reading them.

  • My Walk Muse

    My Walk Muse is Idy’s compilation of true short stories inspired by personal experiences during her walks. It is laced with some coloration for light hearted fun. The stories are written in ‘Nigerian English’ with Nigerian anecdotes, for the Nigerian who understands, and for non Nigerians to learn ‘Nigerianese’.

    This is the book that will keep you smiling from page to page.

    My Walk Muse

  • Troubled Horizon and Other Stories

    Troubled Horizon and Other Stories is a collection of five intriguing stories about being kidnapped, losing a loved one, and a twist of fate.

    Leap into a world of unique characters and discover if there is really ‘Jollof at the end of every reception’.

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