• COLLIDE: GPS for a New Generation

    COLLIDE: GPS for a New Generation is a landmark book that underscores the prevalent issues in media, mental health, religion, work, our voice, and everything in-between. The book is a Kickstarter/initiator/ of numerous conversations and nagging questions at the extremes and confluences of the way we see things ourselves, wished others saw them, and the way things really are. This book makes big claims, not to superior thinking, but to everyone’s experience. Constant/Everyday inquiries such as how do you weave through free speech and open expression in the brutal presence of political correctness? Is suicide a true escape or victory over pain and shame? Are the much-vilified millennials victims of an age-long blame game and recurrent generational bashings?


    COLLIDE: GPS for a New Generation

  • How not to fail as a leader

    An easy-to-read book that offers simple truths on exemplary leadership, as it applies to us as individuals. The book shares interesting leadership insights and lessons from life experiences and unfolding world events, using the very recent Covid-19 pandemic as a case study.

    How not to fail as a Leader offers a boost for self-evaluation and consequent self-actualization that will lead to a more productive and impactful life.

  • Don’t Say Yes To No

    Don’t Say Yes To No is a compilation of words that helped me through my low moments. I’m sharing these words (in memorable visuals) with the world, hoping that they help someone somewhere in their low moments.

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