• The Awakening

    If you are in search of wholeness and solutions to everyday existential problems, then “The Awakening” is your sure bet. In this book, the author uses real life experiences to teach us how to take back control of our lives, move from bitterness to joy and win daily. He invites us into his world with 10 power packed chapters starting with How to discover your life purpose, and ending with How we interpret our life journey (Experience or Failure).

    He discusses the 4 empires and 3 power questions which are thought-provoking and capable of transitioning you from where you are to where you need to be.

    The Awakening

  • Work Easy


    To get to the top floor of any high-rise building, you either take the elevator or climb the stairs. Whichever means you choose, you will get to the same destination, but the journeys differ significantly. Climbing the stairs makes you work hard; taking the elevator makes you work easy.

    This book provides tools to encourage you to play to your strengths as you focus on intentional career growth. Here, you will see the people whom you need to collaborate with for career growth. You will get a chance to learn tips on emotional intelligence, effective communication, productivity, and the suitable leadership styles to apply as a highflyer. These are skills that today’s highflyers must learn; otherwise, conflicts will never leave our workplaces.

    The stories, principles, and strategies I share in this book will be relevant to any person searching for a systemic guide to choosing the right career, making a career change, becoming a highly reputable person, and reaching the peak of their career journey.

    Work Easy

  • Birth Your Dreams

    This  is a motivational book that was written to inspire people to live their lives on their own terms by living their dreams. It was written to inspire and to provide information about the psychology of success through personal stories and stories of people who have been through rock bottom but dared the odds to raise above the flames of pain, failure, mediocrity and disappointments. It is my view that too many people are under living their purpose and under utilizing their potential, for there is more from where what you currently have come from. So the book pricks your mind to search deeper within yourself for that seed counting on you to apply just a little bit of consistent effort in other for it to blossom and become the joy your seek, the good grades you so desperately want, the breakthrough you want in that odd craft or whatever you desire.

    Birth Your Dreams

  • A Walk in the Desert

    A Walk in the Desert is a clarion call to every Nigerian that we can become more, that we can build a country that we will all be proud of. Of course, it won’t be easy—it is not supposed to—but with shared commitment and focus, we can turn things around and birth a new story of shared greatness.

    As I share the story of my life in Morocco with you, the motive is to ignite hope, trigger dedication and provide inspiration that you and I need to become change agents in our respective circles of influence.

  • The Portable Handbook For Purposeful Living

    The Portable Handbook For Purposeful Living is a guide to intentional living.

    It pierces the human mind to perform and deep probe on his/her journey in life. It keeps you in check as to whether you’re living a life of impact or not. It steers the reader to take action.

    Through the chapters, the author provides a compass about how we navigate the life that we live to fulfill the purpose for which we were born.

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