• Beyond Now

    A twist to the classic tale of boy meets girl…

    Bella is tired of moving from city to city because of her dad’s job, and she’s not especially enthusiastic about this new one—at least not until she met the cutest boy in school. Chris is the most popular boy in school, but he’s tired of all the adoration. He’s looking for something different and the new girl seems to be it. Bella and Chris began their love story at a young age, but their happily ever after was cut short by events they didn’t envision. Amidst hurt and betrayal, they had to let each other go. Years later, they meet again—there’s something between them they could never ignore. Can they make it work this time?

    Beyond Now

  • Afterlives

    Gurnah takes us to the place where imagined lives collide with history. The story of Hamza and Afiya is one of simple lives buffeted by colonial ambitions, of the courage it takes to endure, to hold oneself with dignity, and to live with hope in the heart.



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