• Built For The Storm

    In life, we nurse a lot of dreams and make a lot of plans. We think that we have everything figured out— until life happens then we realise just how unprepared we are. In this book, Bridget takes you on a journey through the process of pain and healing. Using real-life experiences, she talks about wounds, healing, and the scars that remain afterward, and how to live with these scars.

    Built For The Storm

  • Solution Capsules

    Life is full of challenges. Regardless of race or creed, no one is exempt from life’s bitter struggles, and no one can choose his or her own lot. Neither can anyone decide or influence the timing of an ill wind. In Solution Capsules, author Pastor Simon Aranonu offers a handy tool that is ready-made for you. It is a bible-centered book that illuminates the battles of life in ten chapters through contemplative discourse and real-life anecdotes. Useful for private meditation or group study, seekers will find miracle answers to help equip them for every quest and especially in the areas of marriage, finances, promotion, education, health, and fruitfulness.

    Solution Capsules


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