• Dear Pastor’s wife

    Dear Pastor’s Wife is the new revolutionary book for pastor’s wives and all those who love them.


    May sees the pastor’s wife as a special person created by God to bring good in every situation. In fact, she sees a woman’s call as a helpmate as a noble one that means without her presence, society, institutions, and families devolve into confusion and sub-optimal existence. The pastor’s wife is a crucial, often unrecognized part of the church. She brings good to the local assembly and needs to be recognized for all that she offers.


    In a bold and relatable way, Dear Pastor’s Wife is the book every pastor’s wife needs right now to thrive and be everything she has always wanted to be. It is also the book needed by everyone in the church who is not a pastor’s wife.

  • African Romance

    African Romance is eloquent poetry in dialogue, the intriguing outcome of an estranged relationship. Tormented by a neglecting husband, Mallama uncharacteristically lashes out. Taunted by the profligate infidelity of her spouse and the outright ignorance of her kinsmen, she reproves the society….lamenting her woes as it were. The conversational style of the elegy turns and twists to a denouement of a wilful separation….he to his philandering, she into the warm embrace of a cocooned admirer. The universal hopelessness of the romance is aptly captured by a dim-wit.

    African Romance

  • BLOOM: Discover God’s Plan For You In Tough Seasons

    When we hit rock bottom after doing all that we know to do, we are often faced with two immediate options – to keep trying to scratch our way out of the hole or to give in to depression. The temptation to wallow in self-pity or play the blame game can almost be overwhelming. What if there is a third option of finding rest and thriving in that tough place? What if there is a different and better definition of thriving?

  • Raised by Mama, Built by ABBA

    The pillars of a beautiful life stand strong only when they run deep and are firmly secured in a strong healthy foundation – the home. But what happens when that foundation is all shaky and faulty? Raised by Mama, Built by ABBA tells the story of many young lives grappling with the realities of their storm-tossed backgrounds, especially with regards to parental abuse, ignorance, and neglect.

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