• Undaunted

    UNDAUNTED: I heard this word very clearly; in between planning our very first conference in “The Be Found” Conference in June 2018. Amazons Ministry BLAM: A ministry God placed in my hands, to raise broken vessels like me, daughters who would chase after Him and are willing to be used by him irrespective of how cracked they are. Well, I didn’t really understand why I heard the word “UNDAUNTED” or what it meant until after the conference. 2018 was a very difficult time in my life.  It was a season when I experienced lots of betrayals especially from people I had labored for and with.  While planning the Be Found, I was not sure what it would come to or how things would turn out. The only thing I knew to do was obey God and that I did trembling. This book is a memoir of my journey to becoming, an account of my brokenness, a testament of my yieldedness despite my rough routes. It is a proof and continuous reminder that God uses broken vessels if they would yield to him.



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