• Living Boldly

    There will always be hurdles in life that challenge our comfort zone. “Living Boldly” is a comprehensive compilation of invaluable skills that help you manage stressful situations and change in your career and life. This book will inspire and motivate you to look deep inside, focus your thinking, assess your situation, and strengthen yourself from the inside out. It also includes easy-to-grasp tips and thoughtful questions to set you up for a successful, courageous adventure to LIVE BOLDLY and INSPIRE OTHERS.

    Living Boldly

  • My Etiquette and I

    My Etiquette and I is a revolutionary manual that will help every ready become poised, refined, and more confident in themselves, living a little sparkle everywhere they go. In this easy-to-follow guide, Etienying teaches us how to become exemplary in a society where basic manners are fast diminishing, equipping us with soft skills that are evergreen even in centuries to come.

    By focusing on personal refinement and growth, My Etiquette and I prepare you for becoming a global citizen.

    Your self-development is your ultimate goal towards achieving all your dreams. It prepares you for the apex of your career as you climb the ladder to success.

    My Etiquette and I

  • Navigating Change: Timeless Secrets for Growth in a Changing World

    Why do people lose their identity in a time of major change?

    Why do some people grow in a time of change, while others groan and grumble?

    In Navigating Change, Niyi Borire takes us on a captivating journey to uncover some of the timeless secrets that promise growth in a time of change. From surviving sexual abuse as a child and his failings as a young man to the financial hardship he suffered in his university days, to his migration to Australia against all odds, Niyi illustrates how an underdog can win. Indeed, his story proves how a powerless person, if intent on the pursuit of his purpose, can navigate change and achieve a fulfilling life.

  • Beyond Black…Thinking for A Change

    Being Black is being human.

    So, right off the bat, Beyond Black launches you into a space where you are free to think and desire a quality of life beyond the color of your skin. We must, however, think for the change we desire, because life doesn’t hand things to you just because you show up every day. Regardless of what we’ve been told or experienced, there’s always more to life. All we need is that insatiable desire to be more and do more. It is not good enough to sit and wish someone would appear out of the woodwork and take us from where we are to where we want to be. If you don’t like it, change it. Change is an announcement that something is no longer working. Change happens when people realize that what they have is no longer working and they do something about it. Change begins with transformation and transformation starts in and with the mind.

  • The Better Life

    This life changing, paradigm shifting action catalyst has been written to jolt you to your next level!” It is loaded with life’s never aging truths and ingredients for the better life.

    The Better Life


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