• Use What You Have to Get What You Want

    “Use What You Have, To Get What You Want” is a manual for discovering the special “you” that you have been ignoring, developing that “you” to the point of changing your economy for good from where you are, and distinguishing yourself as an idea whose time as come towards development and growth.

    “Use What You Have To Get What You Want” teaches what it means to follow the process towards greatness.

    “Use What You Have To Get What You Want” teaches the beauty of patience in humanity which builds a culture of excellence in all ramifications so as to keep developing in order to birth new things that will be of great benefit to humanity.

  • 30 Lessons I have Learnt in 30 Years

    30 Lessons I have Learnt in 30 Years” is an excellent guide for every teenager and young adult to gain fresh perspective to certain issues that commonly occur around that age range… The topics discussed range from Life Lessons, Relationships, Personal Development, Career & Purpose, Self Esteem, Health (Physical & Mental), Finance and Faith.

    The book further highlights the author’s major experiences in her 20s for every young adult looking to wisely navigate that phase. In the course of reading this book, you will have the opportunity to also reflect on your own journey so far, pen down your lessons and get a roadmap for certain areas of your life.

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