• Kingdom Parenting

    Kingdom Parenting is all about raising our children from pregnancy through adolescence the God-way. We have tried our hands at the good way and maybe sometimes unknowingly, we just did it bad out rightly. Kingdom Parenting is a call to arms to us parents, child care givers, children pastors, heads of children ministries, grandparents, coaches and all people who generally have some form of influence with children whether for a minute, a day, a term, a session or a year. We must plant the right seeds in the hearts of these children and steer them in the way of their divine purpose and with one goal, that they may be mighty seeds on the earth!.

    Kingdom Parenting

  • Help Your Child Deal With Failure -before it happens

    Help Your Child Deal With Failure – before it happens is a practical guide to show parents how to help their children understand and navigate through failure.

    Failure is an integral part of every human’s life, why then are we not taught about it from childhood?.

    Why does society place such a high value on basic education but neglect important life issues like grief, financial intelligence, self-esteem and failure?.


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