This book will give you a paradigm shift on the subject of infidelity and enlighten you on its depths and how it can be tackled. You will realize that all that is said is not all there is. I can state categorically, that it is not a place someone should be. It affects everything including the children. It shapes their mindset and personality, their respect and trust for authority, their pattern of a relationship with others, and the expectations they will have for their own home.


  • 32 Secrets Teens Wish Their Parents Knew

    This book was written to unravel the untold secrets of teenagers. Despite all the happenings in our lives (right now, in the past, in the future to come), there is still room for improvement. As they say, “it is never too late for change.” There are a plethora of things you may not know about your teenaged children and all you want to do is to genuinely help them. Well, search no more, this book is all you need. I fervently hope you find the answers you seek.

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