The book, “EXPECTED END”, is a heartfelt memoir written by Peace Osaruchi Aaron. The author painstakingly takes us through her life journey, from the less glamorous part to the admirable life she now has and leads…In a conversational style and with easy to grasp words, the author presents a first-hand view of her life, sharing the ugly, bad, and beautiful events that shaped her into the virtuous woman she now is. You will thank her for writing this.


    DR. ANITA CHIOMA EJIOFOR, Medical Doctor, Freelance Editor, IELTS Coach, Blogger


    The book is a reminder that not placing into consideration where our journeys in life begin, we can always end well. The first of many more expected books. The author has done a good job. It takes courage to write a book and discipline to actually finish it. I look forward to more masterpieces from her in the future.


    DR. (MRS). IHUNDA CHIZI-ORUSA, Medical Doctor, Poet.



    The Script of Bruises is a collection of twenty-one poems that deploy the body as a template to depict the pains of being female or human or being sentenced for the crime of one’s body is what it is.

    It is about space and the politics surrounding belonging and identity. Ultimately, The Script of Bruises plumbs the depth of repressed pain with the aim of orchestrating a reunion with one’s humanity.

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