• Project One Nigerian


    There has never been a time where every Nigerian needs to awaken to their real identity as now. The nation is in that position where only true Nigerians can make a change. And this begins with an understanding of who we are as a people, where we are coming from, what we have and what can do together. Project One Nigerian is a book written against the backdrop of a people who need re awakening.
    No matter how hard things might seem presently a wonderful future lies ahead for us as a nation if only we all can look through the telescope of hope and faith in collaboration with tireless an patriotic consciousness and contributions in various spheres. Greatness awaits Nigeria.

  • 21 Girls Who Made the World a Better Place


    This beautifully illustrated, exciting book is written for boys and girls who want to learn more about famous young activists, scientists, and other amazing girls. This book will help your children discover the inspiring stories of 21 real girls and women who changed the world! Let their stories empower YOU to make the world an even better place!

  • Mindset Matters


    Dear reader, I’m so glad you made the decision to read this book.

    I wrote it because I realized that, like me, so many people need encouragement in their everyday lives. I also found out long ago about how our perception of different situations can completely influence our choices, positively or otherwise. So I decided to write this book to share some of my experiences in a bid to encourage and entertain you but most of all, to get you thinking about how and why we do the things we do.

    Mindset Matters

  • For The Love Of Family


    For the love of family is a compilation of the author’s writings that reawakens the love for a solid family institution which will in turn affect the very fabric of society.

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