• The All Inclusive Career Handbook

    The All Inclusive Career Handbook (the perfect guide for a career focused individual) was written from a place of personal experience and struggles. Having worked closely with various career minded professionals as an HR Consultant and Talent Acquisition Professional, I have helped hundreds of people move from a sad phase in their career to a thriving phase.
    Written for both entry level individuals to senior career professionals, this book provides key insights that would help you from the stage of potential to a thriving professional.
    Divided into three sections: Before the Job Search, During the Job Search and After the Job Search. This book is a manual for career minded professionals that would equip you through every phase of your career journey.
  • Woman on Purpose with Purpose for a Purpose

    The book is about how a Woman can find, understand and fulfil her God- given Purpose. It is a reminder that God has equipped the woman, deposited so much in her and called her to live out her purpose.

  • Village Man

    “What happens if civilization were half-reversed? Against the random winds of national service, Joe stumbles through his new realities in a strange land. He bares himself before an unfamiliar crowd, embracing mixed uncertainties within a small village in Rivers, Nigeria. Soon, he finds a home away from home and discovers several interconnections of humanity.
    Joe dabbles through multiple encounters: dreaming upon the beds of scarcity, fueling hopes through chaos, pruning little joys in fields of sorrows. He describes the agonies of poor education, social exploitations, and other issues endemic in many regions. Broken hearts, scars & hurts, words of love; the lessons are as diverse as the demography of the characters. The village man’s experiences reveal stories of faith through pain—and finding treasures within sufferings.”

    Village Man

  • The Existential Questions: Uncomfortable facts confronting Nigeria after a 60-year journey

    On October 1, 2020, Nigeria celebrated sixty years as an independent nation. This book reviews the country’s evolution since independence. As a well-traveled Nigerian, I have always wondered why a nation so blessed with human and natural resources has failed to reach its enviable height. Over the years, I have seen how gross mismanagement, short-termism, lack of national values, and polarizing elements such as tribalism and nepotism have severely held back the country. In this book, I attempt a dissection of the issues.

  • Peace by Piece: Harnessing Peace, Conflict and Dialogue

    When we say ‘we are building peace’, what exactly do we mean? What factors should be in place for an entity to be considered peaceful? If it is true that within every conflict lies both opportunity and danger, why does the term conflict automatically solicit violence prevention or connote negativity? How do we harness the opportunities that lie within a conflict? Why do dialogues easily slip into talk-shops? What would it take to move dialogue beyond rhetoric to an effective tool that facilitates understanding and delivers gains for peace-building, conflict management and public participation?.

    Although the term ‘peace-building’ has the word ‘peace’ at its core, it appears most actions concerning peace-building are focused on preventing violence rather than strengthening peace. This has made it challenging to muster support for peace-building or conflict management actions early on in conflicts, especially when there is no direct threat of violence in view.

  • African Giant Snails and Snail Farming, Vol 1

    The book is designed to educate on (African Giant) land snail production details and strategies such as housing systems and system design, feeding techniques and management details. It’s for farmers, academia and self development.

  • Project One Nigerian


    There has never been a time where every Nigerian needs to awaken to their real identity as now. The nation is in that position where only true Nigerians can make a change. And this begins with an understanding of who we are as a people, where we are coming from, what we have and what can do together. Project One Nigerian is a book written against the backdrop of a people who need re awakening.
    No matter how hard things might seem presently a wonderful future lies ahead for us as a nation if only we all can look through the telescope of hope and faith in collaboration with tireless an patriotic consciousness and contributions in various spheres. Greatness awaits Nigeria.

  • How To Be A Man In A Crazy World

    How To Be A Man In A Crazy World is an exploration of modern masculinity, the way it has changed over the years; and the influences responsible for those changes. It attempts to step as far back in history to explain the male narratives and projects forward in time to make it relevant. It provides answers to some of the questions women have about men; and addresses sensitive issues objectively in a way that does not alienate, exclude or open disparage any kind of man.

    The author brings intricate male issues to the fore, backing them with scientific and statistical evidence.

  • Travelling with Big Brother

    This is a story of the China dream, from the perspective of a Nigerian freelance journalist from struggling to report the ‘truth’ while surviving on public relations stories. While freelancing in Lagos, the unexpected happens. He gets a ten-month press invitation to travel through China and write about it. The trip is fully sponsored by the dictatorial Chinese Communist Party-led government. How does his idea of ‘truth’ evolve?

    Written as a letter to a best friend, this is a story about power, in the context of China-Africa
    relations. But it is also a story about survival.

  • A Thousand Times On The Same Road

    A Thousand Times On The Same Road is a story of one thousand trips around the world. Every journey, having a story to tell about it, all from the eyes of a journalist. This is the story of passion for a thankless job, near-death experiences, sex escapades, adventure, intrigues, corruption, fun, games, thrills, violence and romance.
    It is a book about the dark side of Nigerian football: what you do not see on your television screens, the story of the adventures while travelling down the bumpy roads of Nigeria’s highways, and the dangerous paths at night that lead to terror enclaves

  • Mom At Last, my 13 year journey

    Mom At Last took 10 years to write and publish. It details the author’s 13 year journey from a virgin bride to a mom. It captures the pain, anguish, despair and heartache of an intending parent, whose hope of ever carrying her own baby was dashed after a fibroid surgery went bad.

    She would never be able to conceive and carry a pregnancy.

  • Be A Unique Chef: Smoothit & Snackit Like a Pro

    This book aims to orientate the general public on how to incorporate healthier ingredients in their Culinary Choices.

    It divulges ways to get amazing and natural flavors from fruits, nuts and veggies, while promoting a healthy well-being to help improve overall quality of life.

    It also provides step by step guides for products development and Business management.

  • My First Confessions Series One

    My First Confessions Series is a two-edged sword in the hands of a child, serving as both a Devotional and Confession book to help a child to speak out positively about their future while also learning God’s word and applying it.

  • 30 Lessons I have Learnt in 30 Years

    30 Lessons I have Learnt in 30 Years” is an excellent guide for every teenager and young adult to gain fresh perspective to certain issues that commonly occur around that age range… The topics discussed range from Life Lessons, Relationships, Personal Development, Career & Purpose, Self Esteem, Health (Physical & Mental), Finance and Faith.

    The book further highlights the author’s major experiences in her 20s for every young adult looking to wisely navigate that phase. In the course of reading this book, you will have the opportunity to also reflect on your own journey so far, pen down your lessons and get a roadmap for certain areas of your life.

  • A VICTORIOUS SPIRITUAL WARFARE: using my testimony as a case study

    This book came through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to equip the children of God against spiritual warfare which is getting intense as the devil knows that his time is for a short time and has come with a great wrath against the children of God but we have overcome the devil by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of our Testimony. This book is anchored on Ephesians 6:10-18 with each of the spiritual armour and weapons discussed extensively as each chapter. Also, each chapter is further explained with my testimony to make it practical. The book uses soldiers at war and football teams playing matches to illustrate the spiritual warfare. This is a book you must read. The book intends to move you to a higher spiritual realm, the realm where devil begins to run for you. Read through the book with total sensitivity in the spirit. This gospel of liberation is hereby presented to all people, whosoever that believes shall be saved (Mark 16: 15-16).

  • 21 Girls Who Made the World a Better Place


    This beautifully illustrated, exciting book is written for boys and girls who want to learn more about famous young activists, scientists, and other amazing girls. This book will help your children discover the inspiring stories of 21 real girls and women who changed the world! Let their stories empower YOU to make the world an even better place!

  • An Honour To Serve: Enugu State In The Sullivan Years.

    “An Honour to Serve” is an account of “Enugu State in The Sullivan Years”. It reveals the challenges, triumphs, setbacks, successes, trials and victories” encountered by one man and his team in his time as “chief steward” of Enugu State Nigeria.

    Rightly described as “part journal and part leadership manual”, “An Honour to Serve” answers these pivotal questions with a resounding “Yes”, contrary to popular belief.

  • Now You Know Me Better

    Now You Know Me Better is a collection of non-fictional short stories.

    Told in a witty, friendly voice, these stories revolve around the author’s life experiences—from being torn between the two extremes of her parents’ family backgrounds to finding her path as a young woman while dealing with loss, uncertainty, and growing into herself. The stories explore themes of identity, risk, faith and growth, offering insights into the experiences of one African woman and the ways she views herself, her communities, and the world.

  • A Walk in the Desert

    A Walk in the Desert is a clarion call to every Nigerian that we can become more, that we can build a country that we will all be proud of. Of course, it won’t be easy—it is not supposed to—but with shared commitment and focus, we can turn things around and birth a new story of shared greatness.

    As I share the story of my life in Morocco with you, the motive is to ignite hope, trigger dedication and provide inspiration that you and I need to become change agents in our respective circles of influence.

  • All or None Law: The science behind focus and excellence

    In All or None Law, Saater shows that there is a science behind focus and excellence, and it is an exact science like calculus. It is what guides the neurons, the primary brain cells to effectiveness. By focusing on one task at a time and rejecting other stimuli no matter how strong they are, the neuron is a hyper-focused cell and the most efficient structure in the human body.

    When we decide to live the All or None Law, we commit to executing our plans to completion, giving our best as the least performance in the things we do, rejecting the myth that half a loaf is better than none, and being the best we were created to be. This book will teach you how to set amazing goals, be obsessed about them and achieve things you never thought possible. As a warning, if you are comfortable with average life, don’t read this!

  • Kleptopia

    In Kleptopia,  Tom Burgis, an award-winning investigative journalist exposes “capitalism’s monster”—global kleptocracy—and reveals how it is corrupting the world around us.


  • Beyond Good and Evil

    One of the most iconoclastic philosophers of all time, Nietzsche dramatically rejected notions of good and evil, truth and God. Beyond Good and Evil demonstrates that the world is steeped in a false piety and infected with a ‘slave morality’. With wit and subversive energy, Nietzsche demands that the individual impose their own ‘will to power’ upon the world.

  • Mindset Matters


    Dear reader, I’m so glad you made the decision to read this book.

    I wrote it because I realized that, like me, so many people need encouragement in their everyday lives. I also found out long ago about how our perception of different situations can completely influence our choices, positively or otherwise. So I decided to write this book to share some of my experiences in a bid to encourage and entertain you but most of all, to get you thinking about how and why we do the things we do.

    Mindset Matters

  • For The Love Of Family


    For the love of family is a compilation of the author’s writings that reawakens the love for a solid family institution which will in turn affect the very fabric of society.

  • Grounded ways to the music industry

    The book (Grounded ways to the music industry) contains well tested and proven ideas, strategies, and industry secrets that have worked for others before you. This Is a must-read for every independent artist, label owners, and even a music investor to learn from.

  • Before Your Next Sex

    Before Your Next Sex is a collection of stories based on the writer’s odd but strangely intriguing experiences while working as a physician in rural clinics in Africa.

    Catering mostly to poorly educated patients, he is shocked to discover that most of their health beliefs and practices were rooted in obscure cultural myths that affected their health-seeking behaviors.

  • Anticipation by Damilare (Asiri) Osundare Paper back

    This is a cook book with 8 recipes for the meal called greatness. Success is not a product of urgency but the end result of process. Your life is like a meal and there’s demand for what you carry; this book will guide you on how to serve those who place an order of your purpose, as your process ensures your progress. This is a must read for anyone who desires to live their best lives, today!

  • Anticipation by Damilare (Asiri) Osundare

    This is a cook book with 8 recipes for the meal called greatness. Success is not a product of urgency but the end result of process. Your life is like a meal and there’s demand for what you carry; this book will guide you on how to serve those who place an order of your purpose, as your process ensures your progress. This is a must read for anyone who desires to live their best lives, today!

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