• Acts of Crucifixion

    In Acts of Crucifixion, Nigerian poet Kechi Nomu’s poems feel simultaneously futuristic, immediate, and ancient. What is initially striking about this work is the feeling of synchronicity, of interconnectivity, that the poet skillfully constructs with her fluid handling of time and character. Especially striking (in a moment where the semi- or fully autobiographical I am the sole concern of many poems and collections of poems) are all the people in Nomu’s poems— poems populated with lovers, fathers, mothers, boys, Eves, and ghosts—speak- ing and spoken about in cacophony to give this work a feeling of congregation.


    PREFACE by Safia Elhillo

    Acts of Crucifixion

  • LET ME SPEAK BEFORE I DIIIE: I Know Who Hurt the Girl

    This, yet another soul-searching collection, can best be described as a letter. Festus Okwekwe through series of them sends a strong message to the society. He gives thought-provoking revelations and makes claims (and counterclaims) that spur serious discussions.

    This comes as a deliberate effort to break the culture of silence and smash the imaginary glass boundaries of ‘know your place’ which people, especially the females, have been subjected to at one point or the other and against which some have wondered time and again – what would truly happen if we shattered it?

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