• Conversation With Minds

    Conversation with Minds is an art work of poetry which brings to light the mental and emotional aspects of depression and anxiety. It aims to start a dialog about mental health by sharing thoughts, emotions, and experiences in a non-threatening, encouraging manner. This book will leave you hopeful for the future and help you understand those of us living with depression.

  • Ìgbà Èwe (Childhood)

    The collection of poetry titled Ìgbà Èwe is a Yoruba translation of Childhood, a poetry book by American philosopher and professor Emily R. Grosholz. Ìgbà Èwe is bilingual and features Yoruba and English texts of Grosholz’s poems. With this powerful new edition, Túbọ̀sún introduces Grosholz’s work to Yoruba readers the world over

  • Woman Like The Sea


    Woman like the sea is a collection of praise for the woman. It is happy, whimsical and soft. Poems about love, sensuality, women empowerment, femininity, pain, sexuality and growth. Simple words that softly call to you, urging you to bare yourself and truly feel.

    Woman Like The Sea

  • She Ate The Sun

    A collection of poems that illuminates the reader on the art of being, witnessing and loving life for all its muted colors. This body of work shared by the artist is vulnerable and tenderly opens the reader up to her journey as a creative navigating life, love, art and being a woman.

    She Ate The Sun

  • Ellipsis

    Ellipsis is a collection of poems that captures the human experience in all its forms: love, lust, depression, pain, hurt… It is a collection that details the human voyage through life. In Ellipsis, you see the pain of unrequited love, the ferocity of lust and the spirituality of worship and surrender. The poet also talks about the darkness in his head, and the depression and uncertainty he faces while also being conscious of social and political matters.

    What makes Ellipsis an interesting collection is the multiplicity of its themes and the poet’s use of simple words and light metaphors.



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