• Emerging

    This narrative free-verse collection accentuates, through a personalised view, the different turns and twists of a woman’s life as she emerges into all that she is meant to be.

    Emerging is an ode to every woman, letting her know that like the butterfly, she has the transformational magic (the will and strength) within her, to emerge from the cocoon of the darkest seasons of her life and become all she is truly meant to be.

    It’s a reminder to press through and learn to find beauty even in broken places.


  • She Ate The Sun

    A collection of poems that illuminates the reader on the art of being, witnessing and loving life for all its muted colors. This body of work shared by the artist is vulnerable and tenderly opens the reader up to her journey as a creative navigating life, love, art and being a woman.

    She Ate The Sun

  • Ellipsis

    Ellipsis is a collection of poems that captures the human experience in all its forms: love, lust, depression, pain, hurt… It is a collection that details the human voyage through life. In Ellipsis, you see the pain of unrequited love, the ferocity of lust and the spirituality of worship and surrender. The poet also talks about the darkness in his head, and the depression and uncertainty he faces while also being conscious of social and political matters.

    What makes Ellipsis an interesting collection is the multiplicity of its themes and the poet’s use of simple words and light metaphors.


  • A Different Kind Of Broken

    A Different Kind of Broken is a poetry collection that explores the broad themes of human existence in relation to identity in the following broad themes: National, aspirational, relational, womanhood and the existence or otherwise of God.

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