• Love, Mide

    Love, Mide, is a historical fiction novel that follows the intriguing journey of a young girl, Ayomide Williams, a British-Nigerian child, who falls into power as the most important person in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, following the anti-monarchy terrorist attack that saw the end of every member of the British Royal Family. Through her journal pages, which she kept throughout her reign as queen.

    Queen Ayomide I of the UK and the Commonwealth shares her journey with the audience as the first black person to ever sit on the British throne. As she navigates subjects of racism, acceptance, loss, control, love, and power, she takes us through her journey, in her words and recollection starting from when everything changed – finding out that her whole life was a lie.

    Set in the 1960s, this book is a beautiful blend of Nigerian and British history through the eyes of a fictional character who seems all too real to everyone who encounters her.

    Love, Mide

  • Costly Victory

    Costly Victory unveils the stigma and trauma often presented by a broken home, not only for the couple but for their children as well. Akudo, a teenage girl, found herself struggling to create a balance in being a mediator between her parents, a pillar of strength for her siblings’ lives, and a companion to her aunt. Not to forget, she had her own life to live. Exhausted, she almost lost herself in the process.

    Costly Victory is a captivating narrative tailored to dispense invaluable moral lessons.

    Costly Victory

  • Sparkles in the Ruffles

    Bliss is a young woman robbed of her inheritance, with her future aspirations and hopes dashed,

    yet She desired more from life and pushed forward. The hunger and quest to still follow the path set by her parents haunted her daily but Will she fulfil her dreams against all odds?

    What Became of Her?

    Does She Find Hope in The Midst of Chaos and Disappointment? Does She Succeed?

    Find out as you read Sparkles in The Ruffles.

  • Akachukwu


    ‘Akachukwu’, which means The hand of God, tends to answer this rhetorical question, with this 250-year saga of a war faring family, in tropical Africa, whose members were dispersed to over four continents by the inglorious transatlantic slave trade, and other vagaries of life.

    They curiously find themselves in various theaters war; and battling their ways to survival, by resorting to skills and tactics of clinical precisions garnered from their native homeland.




  • Winning Together

    Gerald and Sandra loved each other and got married but the connection between them waned as Gerald’s lifestyle and thought pattern did not adjust to their union in time. This took a negative toll on Sandra as she became emotionally empty and was compelled to find solace in another man which made Gerald almost lose her.

    At the time their marriage was at the brink of collapse, they got to realize their mistakes and with open hearts and singleness of purpose, they turned around their situation for the better and started to win together.

    Winning Together

  • Too Late For Anything

    David Kalu Udensi popularly known as Deacon Davy was vibrant and spirit-filled Christian. In his overzealous bid to help save the life of a fellow Christian sister, he unwittingly landed himself into a cleverly knitted web of temptation, blackmail, armed robbery and murder.

    All these culminated to bringing him to an unfortunate position as a criminal condemned to death by firing squad.

  • Complete

    Complete follows the lives of four central characters and how they are intertwined. David lives the life of fun, crimes and ladies and it takes the most unexpected turns and burns to awaken him. Edward is a homeless man of many homes. Lost and wandering, confused and wondering how to piece the shards of his life back together.

    Moni’s heart is buckling under the weight of plaques and childhood traumas, she comes to a point of numbness where even death is not a threat.


  • Godly Stranger

    The book exposes the vulnerability of employees who fail to plan against sudden career upheavals, exposes the predicament of a society taken hostage by a plethora of false prophets, and shows how God secretly works in the lives of those who cast their cares on Him while they swallow the bitter pills of life.

    Godly Stranger

  • Sakadelli: So When Is It Okay?

    Everyone has a story inside of them – a story waiting to be told, and heard. Sakedelli is one of such stories, and it is told in colourful and poignant language … a sing-song writing of lyrical prose birthed in a collection of witty short stories. Sakadelli’s poetry is evocative and its prosaic undertones are dare-devilry.

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