• A Line In The Sand: Stories Of Boundaries In Marriage

    A LINE IN THE SAND is a collection of fourteen short stories of people, across three continents, who reach a pivotal point in their relationships where they are forced to draw the proverbial line in the sand. The decisions that follow, in this culturally diverse and insightful work of fiction, are both irrevocable and liberating.

    For these couples: to surmount these situations in their marriages is to confront pervasive mindsets, navigate cultural biases and accept personal responsibility. From in-laws to infertility, money to manipulation, suspicion to support, adversity to abuse, the themes in these stories touch on pervasive issues in marriage.

  • Unethical Or Not

    The sanctity of life is interpreted differently across diverse racial backgrounds, religions, and societies. As well, respect for the dead and the preservation of their memory is practiced in different, special ways by the different peoples of the world.


    Unethical Or Not is the story of Dr. Adeola Jemima Ajenifuja, a Nigerian gynecologist. She is born into the wealthy family of the Ajenifujas. Her life becomes one of turmoil after she employs her surgical skills to help preserve the lineage of her best friend (Engr. Chukwuemeka Titus Pahoose) who died in her arms, by extracting his sperm cells. Engr. Pahoose was murdered (extrajudicial killing) in cold blood by members of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) of the Nigerian Police Force.

    Unethical Or Not

  • The Lady of the Glass House

    Àpèkẹ́ chose to be different and she connected them all.

    Eighty years before she was born, on a cold winter day in the city of London, a dying man prayed for his newborn son and his generations yet unborn before breathing his last.

    In the sleepy and hilly settlement of Odòde Ìdànrè in the Southern Protectorate, a grandmother defied a mandate and gave her life to save her daughter and grandson.

    Àpèkẹ́ fought for her business empire and chose to forgive an emotional wrong that occurred in her youth.

    The Lady of the Glass House is the story of a young woman who broke cultural expectations to defy the odds. Her courageous and tenacious spirit led her to fight for a future that wasn’t in her past, one which generations before her never dreamt of.

  • ADOO

    Adoo’s life is fun and bubbly until a period of strike by lecturers across the country forces everyone to go home for an indefinite period. In this time, her whole life changes in many ways she might never have guessed possible. She would eventually have to make a choice of where to place her heart as she struggles between emotions for two brothers while facing domestic issues of incest that slowly tear her family apart. Adoo is a story of strength, discovery, and belief that will leave readers entertained and reflective.


  • Who’s Who in the Yoruba Pantheon

    Written by three of Nigeria’s finest authors, Peju Akande, Toni Kan, Jahman Anikulapo, and accompanied with illustrations by visual artist Abdulkareem Baba Aminu, this book is full of facts and fun – and will provide you with all you need to know about Who’s Who in the Yorùbá Pantheon. Learn more about powerful Yemọja, strong Sàngó, Ọṣun’s ways of wisdom – and why Èsù most definitely is not Satan! The book showcases 16 most important Yoruba gods and goddesses, the òrìṣas, featuring Ògún, Sàngó, Ọya, Ọbà, Ọbàtálá, Ọrúnmìlà, Èsù, Soponná, Olókun, Ajé, Aganjù, Ọsanyìn, Yemoja, Osun, Morèmi and Òsóosì. It aims mainly at a young Nigerian and international readership.

  • LET ME SPEAK BEFORE I DIIIE: I Know Who Hurt the Girl

    This, yet another soul-searching collection, can best be described as a letter. Festus Okwekwe through series of them sends a strong message to the society. He gives thought-provoking revelations and makes claims (and counterclaims) that spur serious discussions.

    This comes as a deliberate effort to break the culture of silence and smash the imaginary glass boundaries of ‘know your place’ which people, especially the females, have been subjected to at one point or the other and against which some have wondered time and again – what would truly happen if we shattered it?

  • A Person Of Heft

    It is 2015. Nigeria has a new president who has promised change and prosperity for Nigerians. Tomi Makinde is a young Nigerian professional woman struggling to get a foothold in corporate Nigeria. As her marketing career grows, she finds herself catapulted fast to unexpected heights due to a chance encounter. As she climbs the corporate ladder, she contends with intense power play and betrayal. Despite her professional success, she is haunted by the memories of her parents’ failed marriage, she is afraid of letting her guard down to allow love in.

    Demola Gbolahan is a young accountant in who seems to have it made.His colleagues, family, and friends are mystified by his unmarried status. They continually pile the pressure for him to get hitched. As tries to fix his marital status, he has to battle with high-stakes workplace corruption.

    A Person Of Heft

  • Guardians: The Awakening



    Queen Amina of Zaria, Guardian of the North, on the verge of losing her final battle, finds herself trapped in a cave with Habiba, the last of her queen’s guard. Qaos, an alien entity and her old adversary, reveals himself and demands for Queen Amina’s staff, a magic relic which is the source of her power. Knowing her fellow Guardians have fallen, with their relics either lost or taken, Amina uses the staff to send Habiba back to Zazzau along with 2 other relics; a sword and a ring; she then sends the staff itself 400 years into the future and, finally she disappears.

    Qaos is enraged that Queen Amina has thwarted him, but he rejoins his brother Qasm and they set out about their original task to sow division and wreak destruction and death across Northern Nigeria.

  • The Waiting Room

    Nkechi, Yeni, and Tale all want the same thing: children of their own. But with each passing year, their dreams turn into nightmares of a future they never anticipated. Infertility is the unwanted guest in their homes, mocking all their efforts and feeding on their misery. But these three women are fighters. They will not stop or back down , no power is too heavy and no strangeness too unacceptable in their quest.

    The Waiting Room is a place of unusual strength and courage.

    The Waiting Room

  • Far From The End

    Far From The End is set in Lagos, Nigeria, and tells a tale of mistakes, love, malice, and second chances.

    For the first time, Ada, a model teenager whose life has been mapped out, decides to ignore the voice of reason and give in to her impulses. A moment of passion derails her life and causes almost everyone to turn their backs on her.

    Far From The End

  • Not Born to Live: Return of the Godly Stranger

    Eleven years later, the two stunning lookalikes create a stir when they meet again at the matriculation ceremony of their sons, who providence pitches together as roommates at Mount Zion University. They introduce themselves and render their separate accounts of the events that first brought them together. Curious admirers ask if they are twins. But they can’t answer because they don’t know. All they do is stare at each other incredulously each time someone poses the question.

  • Troubled Horizon and Other Stories

    Troubled Horizon and Other Stories is a collection of five intriguing stories about being kidnapped, losing a loved one, and a twist of fate.

    Leap into a world of unique characters and discover if there is really ‘Jollof at the end of every reception’.

  • Beggar of Kuraku

    The city of Kuraku had been the epicenter of the entire Yoruba kingdom. It was a city of commerce, peace and military power. Suddenly it was as if the ruling spirits had a quarrel with the community they had so favored for a long time. Omens, deaths, famine and other natural disasters became the order of the day.
    After several abortive steps to find answers to the helpless situation, one of the most powerful diviners was contracted to help find answers to the mystery.

    Beggar of Kuraku

  • Shadows From the Past

    This book talks about Ada’s challenging childhood,and even though she marries an understanding and supportive husband,she still has nightmares about the domestic violence she witnessed in her home as a child. Her childhood began in the early post-colonial era of Nigeria, so this story has an element of historical fiction in it.

  • A Bee in Her Bonnet

    Farida who is a victim of child-marriage and child abuse is rushed to Dr. Awele’s ward by Farida’s mother and Luka who out of goodwill helps the distressed mother and daughter. Awele is emotionally drained as she concludes Farida’s minor surgery. Awele’s emotional moment is interrupted as Luka steps into her office. Luka decides to prosecute the case as he is a human right lawyer. Awele relates the situation to Chime, Awele’s fiancé who is also a successful lawyer. He is slightly moved by Farida’s story and rebukes the inhumane act.

    A Bee in Her Bonnet


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