• Smart Sindara and Brave Buchi Research Coronavirus

    Smart Sindara, the adventure series introduces readers to Sindara, a young Nigerian girl living in Lagos. She is a lively, likable, and interesting girl. The story clearly and cleverly depicts the vibrant Nigerian culture. It gives readers a look-in on the everyday lives and interaction of an interesting and typical family in the heart of sub-Saharan African Country.

  • Karina: a novel

    Set in Port Harcourt & Lagos, Karina is the story of a girl whose looming wedding spurs her to confront and expose the secrets she has been carrying around for a lifetime. Her mother Tamara has a secret of her own and must decide whether her daughter’s mental and emotional wellbeing and freedom is worth risking opening that can of worms.

    Karina’s decision will have far-reaching repercussions for her and her family, many of which she may never understand. Knowing that her gilded life is at stake, she must choose between hurting the people who love her and taking her life into her own hands.

    Karina: a novel


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