• Rookie to a Pro : How to stop networking like a rookie in 90 days

    Ever wondered about Ponzi schemes such as MMM and pyramid schemes, well, here is a book on the truth about Network marketing. There is a general misconception about Network Marketing. It is often characterized as unethical due to its counterfeit types. The book Rookie to a Pro corrects some notions and also tells some uncomfortable truths as seen with the little controversy it is causing amongst the network marketing community. A 90 days worksheet for goals, time management, and productivity was shared to help networkers get clarity of purpose by measuring intentions, specifics, obtainable and relevance. At the end, you will learn to take actionable steps consciously in order to fulfill the mandate of the book.

  • Fundamentals of Selling in Practice vol 1

    This book unearths the rudiments of how to easily achieve more, cost-effectively, in timely manner and outstandingly succeeding in your sales job with such refreshingly easy to read presentation employing practical ideas, techniques, tactics, scenarios and strategies especially in a marketplace that is presently in turmoil. It also makes the reader better able to discern the differences between Sales and Marketing and relationship between the two. It tells you how to find customers and how to satisfy and keep them.

  • The VVF Strategy

    Network Marketing is one of the most lucrative, least understood, and most criticized business model on earth, yet one of the highest paying profession. If people will put their bias aside, If people will rise up to the responsibility that comes with Network Marketing, If people will break the molds they have formed in their minds about MLM, If people took this up like they would their businesses, If people took time to understand Network Marketing, Then, and only then, will they see the tremendous result in their lives and finances. This book exposes the truths of Network marketing in the simplest way possible.

    It is a must-read for every Network Marketer or aspiring Network Marketer.

    The VVF Strategy


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