• Marital Harmony 25 Way to Keep Your Marriage Happy and Fulfilling

    “Marital Harmony: 25 Ways to Keep Your Marriage Happy & Fulfilling” is a marriage handbook that chronicles the journey through the blissful marriage of two individuals from two different cultures and backgrounds. An accomplished human resources professional and public speaker, Funke Amobi shares 25 essential words for the survival of any marriage backed by over 25 years of experience in the institution of marriage and explains how these words can make all the difference.

    For Married Couples: Marital Harmony serves as a reminder of the key tenets that bind your marriage. For Intending Couples: Marital Harmony offers key insights on how to build lasting marriages with relative ease as you commence your marriage journey.

    The 25 words cut across 4 key ‘shades of marital harmony’: the Spiritual Shade which comprises of words like ‘Prayer’ and ‘Faith’; the Soul Shade including words such as ‘Trials’ and ‘Love’; the Physical or Action-Oriented Shade with words like ‘Sacrifice’ and ‘Communicate’, and the Resources Shade comprising of words like ‘Money’ and ‘Family.’ Each word is backed by real-life experiences and includes harmony drivers with specific tips on how readers can take actionable steps to experience true marital harmony across all spectrums of life.

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