The book is an anthology, a collection of poems that when put together tells a tale of love, the ups and down!

    The beautiful and awesome moments, those moments when you just wanna end it all but still love conquers all. When deciding to pick a perspective, I decided to pick the perspective of a man, a lot of movies and books are usually told from the point of view of a lady, making the male gender feel like the ones always on the wrong side. So I decided to wear the shoes of a broken man, whose only offense was falling in love…

  • A Booktiful Love

    🏆 2020 Best Indie Book Award® Poetry Winner!


    A Booktiful Love is a collection of poems that deal with the entirety of human experience in its various forms. Didactically rich, the poems explore ideas ranging from love, relationships, and patriotism to marriage, morality, and many other concepts pertinent to daily living.


    Given its variety of themes, what unifies the poems in this collection is the simplicity and ambiguousness of language which the poet employs. The poems draw their strength from their clarity and meaning. These are poems with a purpose. Poet Tolu’ A. Akinyemi didn’t shy away from this fact, as he wrote in the poems “Writers” and “Write for Rights.”

    A Booktiful Love

  • Lagos is Killing Me

    This collection of poems covers the expanse of human experience: love, life, death… They draw you into Oloyede’s world, a world where feelings and emotions take shape and breathe life through the sorcery of words.


    Mastery of language is one of the grandest heights of man’s intelligence. Man, we love words, be it in stories or songs or the lyricism of poetry. This is why Oloyede’s collection of poetry is a marvel. We open its pages to see words in their most flowery form. Oloyede has a witty sense of style and he bends words to soothe his own meaning like a master blacksmith beats iron into shape.


    Like all true poets of conscience, Oloyede also took the time to write about the fate of his country and the malaise of corruption that besieges it.


    This is Oloyede’s first offering. And it is worth holding with awe.

    Lagos is Killing Me


    CUP OF TEA is a 60poem journal filled with a variety of topics about life at different phases and spaces in time. It is a blend of multiple emotions and thoughts which leaves the reader with a little more than words in lines; giving context and meaning to various elements that frame our lives and the world around us – relationships, love, governance, gender, etc



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