• You Can Be The Dream

    It is an established fact that people generally fall into three groups, the few that make things happen, the many that watch things happen, and the overwhelming majority of those who have no notion of what happens. The few who make things happen to live their dreams and productively accomplish their destinies. It should be noted that the gap between a dream and reality becomes thinner if the dreamer believes the dream is too important to his destiny and work diligently for its realization. Therefore, YOU CAN BE THE DREAM has been succinctly packaged by the author to stir up your desire and mental capacity to become your dream and believe in its potency.

  • The Leadership Guardian

    Regardless of our past experiences, life is much more of how we make use of the present to birth the future we desire. However, our present world seems thrown into crisis. Little did we know that this is caused by the actions and inaction we never took responsibility for.
    It is saddening that while many seem overwhelmed by the struggles of life and how to make it through, some others keep wallowing in the selfish desires to enrich their ambitions at the expense of the generation they live in. Families are being torn apart by the day, and it has become so hard to find business leaders who keep to the promises of their brands.

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