• Remaking Nigeria: Sixty Years, Sixty Voices

    On October 1, 2020, Nigeria celebrated its 60th year of political independence. After sixty years of independence, most Nigerians, particularly the youth, hold the view that the country has failed to work for them in a way that is satisfactory and enduring.


    This book seeks to give voice to young Nigerians, the critical change agents, to help the country understand and sharpen its focus on those issues that hold the key to its collective survival. Clearly, the new decade will be a defining moment for Nigeria.


    Sixty years after independence, fifty years after a civil war, and at the beginning of a new decade, it is important that a new generation of citizens is challenged to reposition the country. From interaction with young people and discussions on social media, there appears to be a knowledge and information gap among young Nigerians about the history and socio-political evolution of the country. Beyond the lack of understanding of history, there is also a dearth of ideas on what needs to be done and how to get Nigeria out of its current situation.


    Remaking Nigeria: Sixty Years, Sixty Voices


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