• Olórò, the grandson of Fádèyí Olóró

    Olórò, the grandson of Fádèyí Olóró chronicles the story of a Sub-Saharan African country.A country balkanised and plagued with a vicious cycle of internecine crisis along tribal and religious lines, resulting in the desecration of its land and the waste of lives.

    It becomes obvious that its travails will not go away until a steadfast solution is devised.

  • When the Sky is Ready The Stars Will Appear

    When the Sky is Ready The Stars Shall Appear is a compelling tale of a young man’s journey towards Rome in search of a better life.

    The yearnings of a young and restless orphan are ignited when an enigmatic drifter named Bros returns to Gulu Station from Rome, laden with gifts and the allure of other places. The orphan longs for escape too, for life to have meaning and so the whole village can look up to him.

    When soldiers from the Seven Men Army descend on Gulu Station scouting for recruits, the young men of the village must face conscription or flee. Armed with little more than stories told to him by Bros, the narrator takes his first step towards realising his dreams. But how prepared is he for the perils of the desert and the sea that lie between him and Rome?.

  • Pre-order Altar of Tradition

    Altar of Tradition is a collection of ten short stories told in seamlessly woven prose. The stories explore themes of love, loss, sexual abuse and the shackles of tradition in the face of modernity. There is a story about a young girl whose life takes a traumatic turn after being the victim of sexual assault; another about a community forced out of their home on Christmas eve by a horde of blood- thirsty, gun- wielding assailants; and another about a widow who has to swear before an ancient shrine to prove her innocence in the death of her husband.

    When her detractors start to fall ill shortly after, people begin to wonder, could it be the justice of the gods or something more sinister at work?

  • A Line In The Sand: Stories Of Boundaries In Marriage

    A LINE IN THE SAND is a collection of fourteen short stories of people, across three continents, who reach a pivotal point in their relationships where they are forced to draw the proverbial line in the sand. The decisions that follow, in this culturally diverse and insightful work of fiction, are both irrevocable and liberating.

    For these couples: to surmount these situations in their marriages is to confront pervasive mindsets, navigate cultural biases and accept personal responsibility. From in-laws to infertility, money to manipulation, suspicion to support, adversity to abuse, the themes in these stories touch on pervasive issues in marriage.

  • Chasing Fate

    What begins as a budding friendship in their native Nigeria soon sets the stage for more. The moment Nadia meets Anthony they become fast friends. When it is time for him to return to the U.S. after visiting his family, he promises to help Nadia should she ever get the opportunity to travel.

    Three years later, that opportunity presents itself. But the long-awaited visit to the States does not go as planned and Nadia is left to fend for herself. When she finally reconnects with Anthony, they spend a lovely weekend together and all seems fine until it is not. Anthony is set to marry another, and Nadia is left pregnant and without the man she loves.

    Her heartache opens an opportunity for her to find solace with Nick, an American man who gives her everything she has ever dreamt of, including the love she thought she would never have with Anthony gone. When a car accident takes her husband’s life, Nadia finds herself alone again. But a strange twist of events places her in an awkward position where she is forced to choose between helping the man who broke her heart or losing the most important people in her life.

    With more than fifteen years of heartache and a child between them, how will Nadia make this near-impossible choice, and at what cost?

    Chasing Fate

  • Love, Mide

    Love, Mide, is a historical fiction novel that follows the intriguing journey of a young girl, Ayomide Williams, a British-Nigerian child, who falls into power as the most important person in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, following the anti-monarchy terrorist attack that saw the end of every member of the British Royal Family. Through her journal pages, which she kept throughout her reign as queen.

    Queen Ayomide I of the UK and the Commonwealth shares her journey with the audience as the first black person to ever sit on the British throne. As she navigates subjects of racism, acceptance, loss, control, love, and power, she takes us through her journey, in her words and recollection starting from when everything changed – finding out that her whole life was a lie.

    Set in the 1960s, this book is a beautiful blend of Nigerian and British history through the eyes of a fictional character who seems all too real to everyone who encounters her.

    Love, Mide

  • Costly Victory

    Costly Victory unveils the stigma and trauma often presented by a broken home, not only for the couple but for their children as well. Akudo, a teenage girl, found herself struggling to create a balance in being a mediator between her parents, a pillar of strength for her siblings’ lives, and a companion to her aunt. Not to forget, she had her own life to live. Exhausted, she almost lost herself in the process.

    Costly Victory is a captivating narrative tailored to dispense invaluable moral lessons.

    Costly Victory

  • Influence of a King

    Influence of a King spans the globe during a time of harrowing worldwide events—the Great Depression, the droughts of America’s Dust Bowl years, World War II and post-war developments—and captures the essence of faith, fate, and the power of choices. Can two individuals with nothing in common yet everything happening around them, including the choices made on their behalf, establish an uncommon love and fulfill a greater purpose?.

    Set in England, America, and Nigeria, this sweeping love story delivers an active perspective of tumultuous historic events, as well as the human interplay in interracial harmony and religious identity.

    Influence of a King

  • Rekiya & Z

    How far does Friendship stretch?…

    When Rekiya and Zaynunah met as teenagers, neither had any inkling this would be the start of a lifelong friendship. That the bond they formed so young would see them through the best and worst of time.

    An unlikely alliance, Rekiya is the unacknowledged daughter of one of the country’s richest men while Zaynunah is the Ibadan born-and-raised hijabi with a more modest background. Years later, a monumental loss tests the ties that bind them; in friendship, of family, of self, and healing.

    Rekiya & Z explores the themes of Time and its fickleness, trauma, loss and the varying realities of Muslim Womanhood against the backdrop of Africa’s most populous country.

    Rekiya & Z

  • Matilda

    Matilda is a novel about Love, infidelity and broken trust. Matilda, a beautiful and naïve young girl, accidentally meets and eventually marries a young, vibrant and wealthy Abuja big boy.

    In the beginning it appeared as though her life wishes had been granted, until events started to unfold and she turned from a happy trophy wife to a sad and nagging mother of two children and just when her broken heart seemed to be on the mend, there were suspicions that his mistress had HIV, this puts their love and marriage under the toughest strain possible. Will they come out of it unscarred? Only time will tell.


  • Hell Road

    Caught between the throes of ghastly machinations, the butchery of betrayal and the blasphemy of love, Seba, the courier, must defy all odds to fulfil his obligation while negotiating survival on a perilous path.

    The Glove wants him.

    The Agent wants him alive.

    The Senator wants him dead. A sitting duck in a sea of woes, the courier is at the unfailing mercy of fate. Luck, love and life are at stake.

    Seba has it all to lose…unless he finds his way out of Hell Road.

    Hell Road

  • Red Roses, Stained Glasses

    It’s Christmas Eve, a day before Chinny turns twenty-five and hopes Francis pops the question but he does the opposite that shatters her heart. Chinny curses the Christmas spirit recalling how her brother left home several years and never returned, a past that haunts her throughout the story. She braces up to life, giving all her attention to her childhood dreams of helping a forgotten segment of their town.

    This means dining with the devil who used to be her friend. He is scheming and vicious, she is angry and determined, but soon, he’ll let all hell loose on her leaving her very life in the balance. Will she survive the fire outbreak and who is the stranger she keeps running into?

  • A Person Of Heft

    It is 2015. Nigeria has a new president who has promised change and prosperity for Nigerians. Tomi Makinde is a young Nigerian professional woman struggling to get a foothold in corporate Nigeria. As her marketing career grows, she finds herself catapulted fast to unexpected heights due to a chance encounter. As she climbs the corporate ladder, she contends with intense power play and betrayal. Despite her professional success, she is haunted by the memories of her parents’ failed marriage, she is afraid of letting her guard down to allow love in.

    Demola Gbolahan is a young accountant in who seems to have it made.His colleagues, family, and friends are mystified by his unmarried status. They continually pile the pressure for him to get hitched. As tries to fix his marital status, he has to battle with high-stakes workplace corruption.

    A Person Of Heft

  • All for Jan, The Dog

    All for Jan, the Dog is a picture book suitable for 3 year old + children. Jan is an energetic family dog who stays home when Obi, Uso and their parents go off to school and work during the week. Obi and Uso are worried that Jan is lonely and suggest that the family finds a dog-friend for Jan. Happily, another dog needs a new home and is brought home to Jan. At first, Jan does not seem welcoming to the new dog but it turns out Jan likes that there is a new dog.

  • Fidelity

    Carlo, a part-time professor of creative writing, and Margherita, an architect-turned-real estate-agent: a happily married couple in their mid-thirties, perfectly attuned to each other’s restlessness. They are in love, but they also harbour desires that stray beyond the confines of their bedroom: Carlo longs for the quiet beauty of one of his students, Sofia; Margherita fantasises about the strong hands of her physiotherapist, Andrea.

    But it is love, with its unassuming power, which ultimately pulls them from the brink, aided by Margherita’s mother Anna, the couple’s anchor and lighthouse – a wise, proud seamstress hiding her own disappointments.

    But after eight years of repressed desires and the birth of a son, when the past resurfaces in the form of books sent anonymously, will love be enough to save them?



    A fictional narrative set in an imaginary country that exposes the odds of poor leadership amidst surplus and rich economic resources.


  • Be Gone

    BeGone is a contemporary tale that sheds light on the life, thoughts, and emotions of a victim of domestic abuse, and how escaping abuse is not as easy as idealists put it. It draws you into a web of suspense that keeps you curious to know what next. ARABA COLE is a subjugated victim of repeated physical, verbal and emotional abuse and, mother of a set of twin toddlers, who are stuck in a nightmarish marriage. After a brutal episode of beating by her husband, torn between fleeing and fulfilling her duties, she grabs the opportunity to do both, can she get away with it?.


    Be Gone

  • HOME

    Two paths must cross to complete this angel guard task. A mysterious night where words spoken by one is heard by another to set the stage for Elyon’s appearance.

    After a failed relationship and betrayal left Tiara broken, she struggles to find healing until she comes face to face with the past. Would she resist the urge to remain there or leave it all behind to find love that will last a lifetime?


  • Dear Young Professional

    Dear Young Professional is a book which looks at the real stories of real professionals in the workplace. It is fictionally storied to depict very practical lessons drawn from their career journeys (and mine as well) and help readers navigate the world of work successfully as young professionals.

    The book captures practical insights that will sharpen your intuition and accelerate your results as a professional navigating the uncharted waters of the future of work that is our “new normal”.

  • Dune

    In order to avenge his father and retake Arrakis from the Harkonnens, Paul must earn the trust of the Fremen and lead a tiny army against the innumerable forces aligned against them.


  • Luster

    A taut, sharp, funny book about being young now. It’s brutal and brilliant.


  • The Evening and the Morning

    The Evening and the Morning is an epic story that will end where The Pillars of the Earth begins.

  • Beyond My Dreams by Jumoke Adenowo (Exclusive Launch Edition)


    Morola Bolade has her plans laid out- complete her one-year national service in Lagos and return to New York to run her thriving tech company. Then Kaniz Ishaya comes along. At first glance, Kaniz is sincere and kind but his opaque past alludes to a more sinister streak. In no time, he has charmed his way into the hearts of Morola’s family and her best friend, Amaka.

    All proceeds from this book goes to Awesome Treasures Foundation- a faith-based non-governmental organization recognized by the United Nations for raising transformational leaders.




  • The Sky Sage

    In the process of Zoowee earning the title of D’uzo, he is visited by a powerful spirit, and his encounter with the deity leaves him with supernatural abilities, making him one of four powerful sages.
    Zoowee and other sages are now called upon to keep the world from falling apart, only this time, their interests are not all aligned.


    The Sky Sage

  • Far From The End

    Far From The End is set in Lagos, Nigeria, and tells a tale of mistakes, love, malice, and second chances.

    For the first time, Ada, a model teenager whose life has been mapped out, decides to ignore the voice of reason and give in to her impulses. A moment of passion derails her life and causes almost everyone to turn their backs on her.

    Far From The End

  • Worth Giving Up

    Worth Giving Up explores issues of moral balance and right decision making among Christian young adults.

    Chito is expected to shun pre-marital sexual activity even when she has not been taught how to. She does not understand her humanity raging hormones, sexual attraction and the place of spiritual strength as against trying to live like a superhero.
    Her best friend Lara, on the other hand, is engaged to a fellow Christian she is told is God’s will for her, even when she is not certain that she shares the conviction.

    Worth Giving Up

  • Yellow means stay: An anthology of love stories from Africa


    Yellow Means Stay is a collection of enthralling, sad, humorous, and heart-touching love stories from across Africa and the black diaspora. It features new and award-winning writers from across the African continent and beyond. The stories are a dynamic blend of the poetic and narrative, the spousal and familial, the suggestive and explicit, the dramatic and measured, the straight and queer, the sad and humorous”

    This anthology is effervescent! From tales of tender, forbidden love to those that elicit gasps from their reader, these stories of connection, intimacy, and lust are a delicious read.” —Megan Ross, Author of Milk Fever.

  • The Story Of Elise

    Elise Anderson is a 13 year old girl who lives in Reading, England. She was known for being cruel but has turned a new leaf. Her old friends do not like the new, kind version of her so they devoted their time to tormenting her. Will Elise choose to stand up to the mean girls that lurk at every corner or will she chose to stand down and give in to them?.

    The Story Of Elise


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