• Quidditch Through The Ages

    Get ready to learn everything you’ve always wanted to know about the sport at the heart of Hogwarts! Quidditch Through the Ages is the essential companion to the Harry Potter series, a funny, fact-packed fantasy history of the seriously competitive wizarding sport.

  • Beggar of Kuraku

    The city of Kuraku had been the epicenter of the entire Yoruba kingdom. It was a city of commerce, peace and military power. Suddenly it was as if the ruling spirits had a quarrel with the community they had so favored for a long time. Omens, deaths, famine and other natural disasters became the order of the day.
    After several abortive steps to find answers to the helpless situation, one of the most powerful diviners was contracted to help find answers to the mystery.

    Beggar of Kuraku

  • Memory of Stone

    Finally thriving as a criminal in an infamous rundown city nicknamed The Bottoms, 18-year-old Nyx is forced to leave to rescue her only friend. When she is imprisoned for her damning discoveries she must do everything to regain her freedom, even if that means losing everything she’s ever known.

    Loran’s Blade is a mask-wearing commander and a living legend at only eighteen. Coerced into life at court, he finds that not everything is as simple as death on a battlefield, especially when he discovers secrets hidden down dark corridors in court. When the attention of the king lands him on a dishonorable mission, he must decide where his loyalties lie.

    When their paths cross, they must discover why they are drawn to each other, or remain enemies.

    In a world of magic and buried secrets, there is a thin line between normality and danger.

    Memory of Stone


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