• Tall Tales

    Tall Tales is a collection of short stories. The stories cover a diverse spectrum of experiences with emphasis on dark humour and exaggerations.

    The first three stories(Query,Jekyll and hyde and Monthly performance review)are based on the experiences of a single character,a bank worker named Bright as he carries out his daily duties.

    Electric pole details the harrowing experience of a gentleman named Ben as he goes to work one morning only to discover that he couldn’t pay for his transport fare.This story highlights the bizarre ways life is lived and lost in contemporary Nigeria.

    Chronic hunger is about the irony of life through the eyes of a starving 13 year old.

    New Money paints a picture of a dysfunctional society that blindly lusts after wealth regardless of its source.

    Child Abuse details a typical day in the life of a house girl but with a twist in the end.  Sanitation day is a satire of sorts. People have become one with filth with disastrous consequences.


    Tall Tales


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