Ramla is a book about an 8 -year- old- girl who got hit by life. It got so worst that the parents lost all hope of sending her to school, but in the face of these challenges, she never mention the wrong words. She was so optimistic and this made the environment bring about her desire. Though, she failed in a scholarship that she chosen for, in the end the scholarship was opened to more students which now made her one of the winners and the youngest among the 3 chosen.

    Ramla teaches children about Confidence, Speaking the right Words, believing in oneself, no matter what the outcome in the environment is saying.


  • The Sheep-pig

    ‘Why can’t I learn to be a Sheep-Pig?’

    When Babe, the little orphaned piglet, is won at a fair by Farmer Hogget, he is adopted by Fly, the kind-hearted sheep-dog. Babe is determined to learn everything he can from Fly. He knows he can’t be a sheep-dog. But maybe, just maybe, he might be a sheep-pig.

    The Sheep-pig

  • Smart Sindara and Brave Buchi Research Coronavirus

    Smart Sindara, the adventure series introduces readers to Sindara, a young Nigerian girl living in Lagos. She is a lively, likable, and interesting girl. The story clearly and cleverly depicts the vibrant Nigerian culture. It gives readers a look-in on the everyday lives and interaction of an interesting and typical family in the heart of sub-Saharan African Country.

  • The Hunter and his Kinsmen

    This novel attempts to advocate justice, sincere love and enduring care for one another, so that the world will experience and enjoy unpatrolled peace, tranquility, growth and development especially as we work together and hope for the “”new normal”. It gives a setting of peace, communal conviviality and oneness reigning supreme in the village of Onuma where their age-old tradition of “Be your brother’s keeper ” was still practiced.

    The Hunter and his Kinsmen


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