• Black ≠ Inferior

    Black ≠ Inferior is a collection of poems divided into 2 parts.


    The first part is a collection of thematically linked poems exploring Blackness and the myriads of issues it attracts.


    The second part oscillates themes— talking about consent, a query of death, a celebration of love among others. In his usual style, this collection deals with weighty matters like race and colorism with simple and clear language.


    In Black ≠ Inferior, we see Tolu’ Akinyemi reacting in response to the world, to issues that affect Black people. Here, we see a poet shedding off his burdens through his poems; hence, the beauty of this collection is in the issues it attempts to address. In this collection, Tolu’ wears a coat of many colors – he is a preacher, a prophet, a doctor, and a teacher.

    Black ≠ Inferior


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