• A Line In The Sand: Stories Of Boundaries In Marriage

    A LINE IN THE SAND is a collection of fourteen short stories of people, across three continents, who reach a pivotal point in their relationships where they are forced to draw the proverbial line in the sand. The decisions that follow, in this culturally diverse and insightful work of fiction, are both irrevocable and liberating.

    For these couples: to surmount these situations in their marriages is to confront pervasive mindsets, navigate cultural biases and accept personal responsibility. From in-laws to infertility, money to manipulation, suspicion to support, adversity to abuse, the themes in these stories touch on pervasive issues in marriage.

  • Love, Mide

    Love, Mide, is a historical fiction novel that follows the intriguing journey of a young girl, Ayomide Williams, a British-Nigerian child, who falls into power as the most important person in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, following the anti-monarchy terrorist attack that saw the end of every member of the British Royal Family. Through her journal pages, which she kept throughout her reign as queen.

    Queen Ayomide I of the UK and the Commonwealth shares her journey with the audience as the first black person to ever sit on the British throne. As she navigates subjects of racism, acceptance, loss, control, love, and power, she takes us through her journey, in her words and recollection starting from when everything changed – finding out that her whole life was a lie.

    Set in the 1960s, this book is a beautiful blend of Nigerian and British history through the eyes of a fictional character who seems all too real to everyone who encounters her.

    Love, Mide

  • Your Feet Will Lead You Where Your Heart Is

    Introducing a new generation of young Cameroonian writers, this bilingual anthology highlights new directions in the Cameroonian short story, as the stories move from fantasy, existentialism, afrojujuism to realism. An unusual narrator in “Spittle Royale” walks the fine line between empathy, radicalization and primal instinct.

    in “Finding Jaman” a correction facility cleaner hoards objects belonging to executed inmates leading to an interesting discovery; in the eponymous title story, lovers reconnect after forty years apart, unearthing secrets that will change their lives forever. The culmination of two workshops, one on creative writing and the other on literary translation, both followed by a mentorship period, these stories will remain with you long after you’ve finished reading them.

  • Guardians: The Awakening



    Queen Amina of Zaria, Guardian of the North, on the verge of losing her final battle, finds herself trapped in a cave with Habiba, the last of her queen’s guard. Qaos, an alien entity and her old adversary, reveals himself and demands for Queen Amina’s staff, a magic relic which is the source of her power. Knowing her fellow Guardians have fallen, with their relics either lost or taken, Amina uses the staff to send Habiba back to Zazzau along with 2 other relics; a sword and a ring; she then sends the staff itself 400 years into the future and, finally she disappears.

    Qaos is enraged that Queen Amina has thwarted him, but he rejoins his brother Qasm and they set out about their original task to sow division and wreak destruction and death across Northern Nigeria.

  • Winning Together

    Gerald and Sandra loved each other and got married but the connection between them waned as Gerald’s lifestyle and thought pattern did not adjust to their union in time. This took a negative toll on Sandra as she became emotionally empty and was compelled to find solace in another man which made Gerald almost lose her.

    At the time their marriage was at the brink of collapse, they got to realize their mistakes and with open hearts and singleness of purpose, they turned around their situation for the better and started to win together.

    Winning Together

  • Too Late For Anything

    David Kalu Udensi popularly known as Deacon Davy was vibrant and spirit-filled Christian. In his overzealous bid to help save the life of a fellow Christian sister, he unwittingly landed himself into a cleverly knitted web of temptation, blackmail, armed robbery and murder.

    All these culminated to bringing him to an unfortunate position as a criminal condemned to death by firing squad.

  • Not Born to Live: Return of the Godly Stranger

    Eleven years later, the two stunning lookalikes create a stir when they meet again at the matriculation ceremony of their sons, who providence pitches together as roommates at Mount Zion University. They introduce themselves and render their separate accounts of the events that first brought them together. Curious admirers ask if they are twins. But they can’t answer because they don’t know. All they do is stare at each other incredulously each time someone poses the question.

  • Godly Stranger

    The book exposes the vulnerability of employees who fail to plan against sudden career upheavals, exposes the predicament of a society taken hostage by a plethora of false prophets, and shows how God secretly works in the lives of those who cast their cares on Him while they swallow the bitter pills of life.

    Godly Stranger

  • Through The Land Of The Grey Skies

    Mercy and her daughters are going to Europe through the back door. She has done her homework, and she understands the dangers that lurk in the desert. She is well prepared for all possible scenarios, including turning back if it becomes impossible to continue.
    Unknown to her, she is actually being trafficked to Europe through the Sahara desert. This is her story as she journeys through the land of the grey skies.

  • Children of Virtue and Vengeance (Legacy of Orisha)

    Children of Virtue and Vengeance is the breathtaking sequel to Tomi Adeyemi’s ground-breaking West African-inspired fantasy Children of Blood and Bone.

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