• The Secret of the Book

    Rhonauts is a revered Kingdom in all of Ishe, but its rightful queen, Issa Amayaw lives unknown to her royalty. King Hontubiba, ruler of Rhonauts in his deeper quest for power invokes a great evil to grant him overwhelming power and sovereignty over other kingdoms of men.

    But Issa rises, and takes us through a journey of self discovery, a revelation of the past, and a desire to become all that she was born for. A journey to unravel her great power and conquer the evil of Hontubiba.

  • Triumph

    ‘Triumph’ is about three friends; Chinonye, Folake and Patricia who come at crossroads in life and in their individual journey they understand their victory in Christ Jesus. Chinonye is diagnosed with cancer and her daughter’s unhealthy behaviour doesn’t help matters.

    Patricia has been childless for five years and her mother-in-law gives her troubles while John, her husband, becomes a man she does not recognize.

    Folake on the other hand is a single mother who barely escaped an abusive marriage. It however seems like her past always tries to catch up with her.


  • Sparkles in the Ruffles

    Bliss is a young woman robbed of her inheritance, with her future aspirations and hopes dashed,

    yet She desired more from life and pushed forward. The hunger and quest to still follow the path set by her parents haunted her daily but Will she fulfil her dreams against all odds?

    What Became of Her?

    Does She Find Hope in The Midst of Chaos and Disappointment? Does She Succeed?

    Find out as you read Sparkles in The Ruffles.

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