• My Rebirth

    Olayinka – The Rebirth is the survival true-life story of the turbulent journey of a vibrant young lady. As a teenager, she endured bullying, low self-esteem, peer pressure, and the struggle to fit into societal molds.
    In her undergraduate years, she experienced her first heartbreak from her first lover and another from her spiritual leaders. Then she got married and went through another 6years of deep-cutting emotional trauma that exhausted her spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. She almost gave up on God and on herself. Then her Divorce happened! But Abba who never leaves his own children showed up and surrounded her with an unusual dimension of support system so much she found herself back in God in no time. Right now, she is on a journey of liberating anyone who has gone through or going through what she has and helping to preserve the next generation from experiencing such trauma.
    Olayinká – The Rebirth is the story of a clipped butterfly who found her wings again.

    My Rebirth


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