• Why Do We Have To Move?

    Change is inevitable and in this fast-moving, ever-changing world, adaptability is a necessary skill that any child should have.


    “Why Do We Have to Move?” is a beautifully illustrated book adults will enjoy reading over and over again with their kids.


    Moving to a new environment or having a new experience can be difficult sometimes but when we decide to take those first steps to embrace the change, all of a sudden, the beauty of the new experience begins to unravel with lots of lessons to learn! This heartwarming book will help young readers see the change from a different but positive perspective. The book also explores themes like kindness, prayer, affirmations, and communication.

  • A Motherhood Journey – Health Guide for Pregnancy, Delivery and Infancy.

    A Motherhood Journey – Health Guide For Pregnancy, Delivery, and Infancy is an interesting story on motherhood with health tips, tricks, and hacks that intending, pregnant or new mums will find invaluable. Also comes with a separate journal to help document pregnancy and motherhood and prompts for maintaining health during this very sensitive period.

  • Being a single mother is not a shame

    “Being a Single Mother is Not a Shame” is a ten-chapter novel that discusses the dilemma of single motherhood. How a single mother single-handedly carries, on her back, her burdens and those of her wards. She walks doggedly sometimes and at other times wobbling through life with the sole realization that this is her cross that she has to carry. It also focuses on the stigmatization and challenges faced by single mothers and how to overcome them. Reading this book will help us realize that there are actually more kids that are raised by strong and responsible single mothers, who have decided to ignore the shame that may come with their decision to give birth and take care of a child without the direct involvement of a father figure.

  • Songs of 21st Century Children

    Songs of 21st Century Children is an anthology of poems that defines the ‘18 and under’ of our present century. Many adults that are older tend to find us unusual, hence creating a gulf of communication and understanding. This anthology should provide adults with a guide on the several thoughts that run through our minds.

    This book seeks to provide a platform for self-consciousness and a sense of belonging for the 21st Century Children. The book will prove that young people around the world are not alone, it will prove that we all think alike, so we must make the crooked paths straight, regardless of the background.

  • Marital Harmony 25 Way to Keep Your Marriage Happy and Fulfilling

    “Marital Harmony: 25 Ways to Keep Your Marriage Happy & Fulfilling” is a marriage handbook that chronicles the journey through the blissful marriage of two individuals from two different cultures and backgrounds. An accomplished human resources professional and public speaker, Funke Amobi shares 25 essential words for the survival of any marriage backed by over 25 years of experience in the institution of marriage and explains how these words can make all the difference.

    For Married Couples: Marital Harmony serves as a reminder of the key tenets that bind your marriage. For Intending Couples: Marital Harmony offers key insights on how to build lasting marriages with relative ease as you commence your marriage journey.

    The 25 words cut across 4 key ‘shades of marital harmony’: the Spiritual Shade which comprises of words like ‘Prayer’ and ‘Faith’; the Soul Shade including words such as ‘Trials’ and ‘Love’; the Physical or Action-Oriented Shade with words like ‘Sacrifice’ and ‘Communicate’, and the Resources Shade comprising of words like ‘Money’ and ‘Family.’ Each word is backed by real-life experiences and includes harmony drivers with specific tips on how readers can take actionable steps to experience true marital harmony across all spectrums of life.

  • Marital Harmony Personalised Reflective Journal

    Marital Harmony Personalized Reflective Journal is a living resource that enables couples to take practical steps to change their marriage for the best. The intent of the Personalized Reflective Journal is really to help couples and intending couples go through a period of reflection; a period of journaling their own specific experiences and applying the learning.

  • Waiting Time Over!

    The book is a 40-day word fast for couples believing in God for Children. It is a compilation of scriptures that are effective in waging war against childlessness.

    Waiting Time Over!

  • Baby Figure

    Baby Figure is written to enlighten and give courage to waiting couples struggling on the journey from infertility to fertility. The journey through to fertility can be a very long and bumpy ride as no one knows for sure when the journey would come to an end. The good news, however, is that it does come to an end.

    Baby Figure equips couples with fertility information in its simplest form. It is written in a typical Nigerian setting and highlights the myths, causes, and stigma associated with infertility. It also unfolds the relationships between couples’ emotions and their fertility and how to stabilize their emotions in preparation for the anticipated gift of children. This book also exposes couples to many conception solutions available otherwise considered taboos in some Nigerian settings.

    It is complete with encouraging true stories of couples who began walking the trying path of their fertility journey but have now received their desired outcomes

    Baby Figure

  • Breaking the Ice – A Guide for Teen on Adolescence and Puberty

    For Girls The transition from girlhood to womanhood is natural in the life of every normal girl. However that this is natural does not mean it is easy. With the numerous changes going on from physical to mental and social, come questions that adults who are in a better position to answer often feel uncomfortable responding to. This book presents the subject of growing into womanhood and all its attending issues – from identity to sexuality – in a simple and interactive way, proffering answers to age-old uncomfortable questions of what it means to become a woman. It is easy to read, and filled with anecdotes and illustrations that paint relatable pictures of what the path to womanhood looks like in the mind of every girl that reads it.

    For Boys Growing up comes with a lot of changes and adolescents are the prime age grade going through this myriad of changes from physical to mental and social. Talking to a teenage boy about the changes in his body can be a tad uncomfortable, especially among parents. This book offers information on what it means to grow up, taking the reader on a journey from childhood, through adolescence and into adulthood. It answers questions ranging from identity to sexuality. Any young boy can go through the pages of this book and be better equipped to tow confidently, the path to becoming a healthy man.

  • 30 Lessons I have Learnt in 30 Years

    30 Lessons I have Learnt in 30 Years” is an excellent guide for every teenager and young adult to gain fresh perspective to certain issues that commonly occur around that age range… The topics discussed range from Life Lessons, Relationships, Personal Development, Career & Purpose, Self Esteem, Health (Physical & Mental), Finance and Faith.

    The book further highlights the author’s major experiences in her 20s for every young adult looking to wisely navigate that phase. In the course of reading this book, you will have the opportunity to also reflect on your own journey so far, pen down your lessons and get a roadmap for certain areas of your life.

  • Hey Girl!: Amazing Secrets To making The Most of Your Teenage Years

    Life is a gift! Life is an opportunity. Growing up as a young person can be challenging. But you don’t have to build your life on memories of pain and regret. Your time as a teenager and young adult can be used effectively to lay a strong foundation for your life as you grow into adulthood. You are not too young to take responsibility for your life. You can create the YOU that makes you proud.

    In this book, we will:

    ●Help you understand why your years as a teenager and young adult are important.

    ●Show you how you can create your identity.

    ●Help you understand the importance of having dreams and pursuing them.

    ●Help you understand the importance of forming the right associations.

    ●Teach you how to be confident and stand out in your difference.

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