• Peace by Piece: Harnessing Peace, Conflict and Dialogue

    When we say ‘we are building peace’, what exactly do we mean? What factors should be in place for an entity to be considered peaceful? If it is true that within every conflict lies both opportunity and danger, why does the term conflict automatically solicit violence prevention or connote negativity? How do we harness the opportunities that lie within a conflict? Why do dialogues easily slip into talk-shops? What would it take to move dialogue beyond rhetoric to an effective tool that facilitates understanding and delivers gains for peace-building, conflict management and public participation?.

    Although the term ‘peace-building’ has the word ‘peace’ at its core, it appears most actions concerning peace-building are focused on preventing violence rather than strengthening peace. This has made it challenging to muster support for peace-building or conflict management actions early on in conflicts, especially when there is no direct threat of violence in view.

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