• The Exorcist’s Wife

    A relatively normal delivery suddenly unleashed a chain of cataclysmic events after the newborn was discovered to have a strange birthmark and his mother went into a coma. Determined to unravel the mysteries behind the birthmark and coma, the young father, a burgeoning pastor, embarked on a perilous journey to one of Africa’s most violent areas in peacetimes where he uncovered a trail of fetish practices and diabolical pacts involving his wife.

    Events took a sinister turn when his inquiry developed into a murder investigation. Meanwhile, a psychopathic killer was hot on his tail, intent on preventing a deadly secret from being unearthed. But the pastor soon realized that to prevent his immediate family from being destroyed by forces beyond his control, he must solve a seven-year-old crime, ferret out a secret grave and bring the killers to justice. His ultimate challenge however was to wrestle his wife’s soul from the devil, a task he knew could easily consume him and those he cherished.

  • A Thousand Times On The Same Road

    A Thousand Times On The Same Road is a story of one thousand trips around the world. Every journey, having a story to tell about it, all from the eyes of a journalist. This is the story of passion for a thankless job, near-death experiences, sex escapades, adventure, intrigues, corruption, fun, games, thrills, violence and romance.
    It is a book about the dark side of Nigerian football: what you do not see on your television screens, the story of the adventures while travelling down the bumpy roads of Nigeria’s highways, and the dangerous paths at night that lead to terror enclaves

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