• Immerse Journal

    Immerse Journal is a prayer journal containing 12 undated months of prompts and writing space. It is designed to help cultivate a consistent rhythm of a thriving prayer life over a year.

    1. Mini monthly planner: For each month where you get to note specific activities/events weekly.
    2. Prayer prompts: There are different prayer prompts to organize your prayer request for the lost, needy, vulnerable, the body of Christ, nations, family and friends. There are also spaces for keeping track of answered prayers, scriptures,  dreams and visions, prophecies and counsels, confession and  gratitude. There is also the “what’s in your heart” section which encourages you to bare your heart before God.
    3. Prayer splash: This is the most unique section of the prayer journal. It provides ideas on what to pray for or to be grateful for.
    4. Notes:  After the prayer prompts, there are two lined pages and two blank pages for your personal customization.

    Immerse Journal


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