• My Miracle Journal

    The “My Miracle Journal” avails us the opportunity to document our experiences in managing internal and external relationships during the dark hours, character transformation, moments of encounter, sources of spiritual strengths, and character goals. I have been persuaded to share The Miracle Journal with you. The I AM THAT I AM, the Source of this Vision shall see to it that your Faith does not fail you nor bereft of uncommon miracles.

    It is a heavenly

    Quality cover and band

    Purpose description page

    Detachable colorful notepad

    Customize your expected miracles

    Corroborate expected miracles with previous miracles

    Identify personal action points

    Documenting how God came through

    Packed in a customized box


    My Miracle Journal

  • Identity Devotional- Who Am I?

    The question of Identity is one which everyone must answer. It’s so foundational that it determines in life;

    How we show up?

    What we show up for?

    Where we show up?

    What we let in and?

    What we give out?

    It’s so easy to assume we know who we are until we realize we are under living. The privileges we enjoy, authority and authenticity we wield largely depends on the answer to this all important question.

    So I ask again— Who Are You?.

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