• The Girl In The Coven

    University student Joe and the mysterious but beautiful Queen embark on a relationship that changes Joe’s life forever, thrusting him into a strange world of weird erotic desires and sorcery. But a vicious witch lurks about, ready to strike. Initially, everything Joe touches turns into gold. But when Queen travels home one fateful day and fails to return, life for Joe takes a downward turn. Determined to find his love, he travels to a remote village, which harbors deadly secrets of ancient pacts with demons, sorcery, and witchcraft.


    There he discovers Queen has been accused of turning a fetus into a monster and is about to be destroyed by burning in a cleansing ritual. He barely manages to escape the village with his life. Joe tries to carry on without Queen but is tormented by terrible nightmares. On the verge of total collapse, Queen suddenly re-appears in his life, again. This time around they have to unite to fight off the forces bent on tearing them apart. In a frantic race against an evil witch boiling with the fury of hell, only true love, trust and sacrifice would prevent Joe from losing the most precious thing in his life a second and final time.

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