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  • In The Shadow of Ruin

    Jide’s kingdom is in turmoil and the cold grasp of death’s embrace is closing in around everything he holds dear. He has ruled the lands of the Yoruba and the tribes of the south for many peaceful years, but now his half-brother, Olise, has his eyes set on the throne. Olise, once beloved by Jide, had been banished for years, for the role he played in breaking the king’s peace and spilling the blood of a noble tribesman. That and the attempts on the life of the king, orchestrated by Olise’s mother Ekaete, who believes her son is more deserving of the crown. Many years earlier, after the death of the queen, King Adeosi, Jide’s father, was enchanted by Ekaete, a witch, robbing him of his life for the life of her son. She installed herself as regent and decreed her son, Olise, the heir to the throne once he comes of age, despite Jide being the true heir. However, she lacked influence and support in the realm, and Jide eventually ascended the throne. This slight on her pride had never healed and was nurtured in Olise. Now, Ekaete’s influence and powers have grown. She aids Olise in amassing an army with the strength to rival Jide’s and overthrow him, to take control of the tribes. Jide, knowing that he not only faces military threat, but also danger from darker forces beyond his comprehension, seeks guidance from men disdained by the gods for their practice of the dark arts.

    Jide is warned by the deity of the river, his protector, against it, which he ignores, and in so doing, condemns himself and his kingdom. While Jide travels to confront Olise on the field of battle, his city Ile-Ife, is destroyed, and his family, three young princes and his queen, presumed to have burned with the city, are forced to flee to avoid being captured. The princes separate and travel to the furthest corners of the kingdom to seek refuge and gather support in the hopes of taking back their birth right.