• How to Build a Human: What Science Knows About Childhood

    ‘Byrne’s book is about scientific parenting, and it is very welcome indeed … breezy and digestible … this is such a good book’ Tom Whipple, The Times

    Kids aren’t all the same. You can’t follow instructions and expect success every time. So what if parents approached their children as questions to be answered and not problems to be solved?

  • Being a single mother is not a shame

    “Being a Single Mother is Not a Shame” is a ten-chapter novel that discusses the dilemma of single motherhood. How a single mother single-handedly carries, on her back, her burdens and those of her wards. She walks doggedly sometimes and at other times wobbling through life with the sole realization that this is her cross that she has to carry. It also focuses on the stigmatization and challenges faced by single mothers and how to overcome them. Reading this book will help us realize that there are actually more kids that are raised by strong and responsible single mothers, who have decided to ignore the shame that may come with their decision to give birth and take care of a child without the direct involvement of a father figure.

  • Sailing on a Rainbow – A Colourful Journey with Autism

    Parents are often overwhelmed by a sense of loss and sadness when diagnosis shows that their child has autism. The reality of this diagnosis is the start of an engaging journey. Unlike many other journeys, however, this journey of having a child with autism is full of twists and turns.

    In Sailing on a Rainbow, a mother tells an insightful story about her son – Ade, growing up with autism. She shares some of Ade’s struggles, how he found words again, his academic challenges, and the discovery of his latent gifts and passions serve as hopes for his future. Through every step of this journey with Ade, the mother’s love and faith became wind to his sails.

    Though written from a personal perspective as Ade’s mother, each chapter of the book ends with lessons learned. (A teaching module) These lessons are full of practical strategies and suggestions to encourage and empower entire families, the circle of friends, and caregivers in coming to terms with and managing the challenges of being around a child diagnosed with autism.

  • How to Raise Happy and Successful Children: Simple Lessons for Radical Results

    Being a parent is complicated – but the trick to succeed is simpler than you think

    Known as the Godmother of Silicon Valley, Esther Wojcicki’s three daughters are all hugely successful in both their professional and personal lives. What’s her parenting secret?

    As we face an epidemic of parental and childhood anxiety, Woj has the advice every parent wants to hear: climb out of that helicopter and relax.

  • Things My Son Needs to Know About The World

    ‘You can be whatever you want to be, but that’s nowhere near as important as knowing that you can be exactly who you are’

    In between the sleep-obsessed lows and oxytocin-fuelled highs, Backman takes a step back to share his own experience of fatherhood and how he navigates such unchartered territory.

    Part memoir, part manual, part love letter to his son, this book relays the big and the small lessons in life.

    As he watches his son take his first steps into the world, he teaches him how to navigate both love – and IKEA – and tries to explain why, sometimes, his dad might hold his hand just a little bit too tightly.

  • A Guide to Successful Parenting

    This book serves as the missing manual for Godly parenting in the 21st century. It addresses pertinent issues on parenting in these challenging times and helps parents come to terms with the importance of their role in raising a child and its implications for the next generation. However, unlike some other books on the subject, the book goes steps further by explaining, in simple terms, how soon-to-be-parents can prepare for the task of parenting, what they need to take into consideration, why parents need to make the necessary sacrifices, and how parents can meet the various demands of parenting while building real and loving relationships with their children.

  • The Conscious Parent: Transforming Ourselves, Empowering Our Children

    Conscious parenting is about becoming mindful of your behaviour and engaging with your child as an individual.

    Dr Tsabary inspires parents to get back in touch with their emotions and shed the layers of baggage they have inherited during their own life and are unconsciously heaping on their children. As they become ‘conscious’ in their parenting, so parents can transform their relationship with their offspring and raise happy, well-adjusted children.

  • Kingdom Parenting


    Kingdom Parenting is all about raising our children from pregnancy through adolescence the God-way. We have tried our hands at the good way and maybe sometimes unknowingly, we just did it bad out rightly. Kingdom Parenting is a call to arms to us parents, child care givers, children pastors, heads of children ministries, grandparents, coaches and all people who generally have some form of influence with children whether for a minute, a day, a term, a session or a year. We must plant the right seeds in the hearts of these children and steer them in the way of their divine purpose and with one goal, that they may be mighty seeds on the earth!.

    Kingdom Parenting

  • Help Your Child Deal With Failure -before it happens

    Help Your Child Deal With Failure – before it happens is a practical guide to show parents how to help their children understand and navigate through failure.

    Failure is an integral part of every human’s life, why then are we not taught about it from childhood?.

    Why does society place such a high value on basic education but neglect important life issues like grief, financial intelligence, self-esteem and failure?.


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