• How to Build a Human: What Science Knows About Childhood

    ‘Byrne’s book is about scientific parenting, and it is very welcome indeed … breezy and digestible … this is such a good book’ Tom Whipple, The Times

    Kids aren’t all the same. You can’t follow instructions and expect success every time. So what if parents approached their children as questions to be answered and not problems to be solved?

  • I Cheated. Now What?

    In this guide, relationships expert, Dr. Bright Oris, shares practical insights to help couples navigate the crisis of infidelity while dating or in marriage. From steps on overcoming guilt and pain to proven reconciliation techniques (with sample guides for conversation), this book is a must-read for any couple determined to heal and rebuild the love that has been lost.

  • Never Marry A Writer



    For his seventh poetry collection, Tolu’ has turned his attention to that old adage – no one in a writer’s life may have secrets. A vibrant, human exploration of the way in which words and deeds connect all of us, and the tiniest movements which span out across continents.


    Tolu writes powerfully on family, love, loss, and with a scorching curiosity for the world around us. His readers will be familiar with his inimitable style, and this latest collection does not disappoint.

  • Sailing on a Rainbow – A Colourful Journey with Autism

    Parents are often overwhelmed by a sense of loss and sadness when diagnosis shows that their child has autism. The reality of this diagnosis is the start of an engaging journey. Unlike many other journeys, however, this journey of having a child with autism is full of twists and turns.

    In Sailing on a Rainbow, a mother tells an insightful story about her son – Ade, growing up with autism. She shares some of Ade’s struggles, how he found words again, his academic challenges, and the discovery of his latent gifts and passions serve as hopes for his future. Through every step of this journey with Ade, the mother’s love and faith became wind to his sails.

    Though written from a personal perspective as Ade’s mother, each chapter of the book ends with lessons learned. (A teaching module) These lessons are full of practical strategies and suggestions to encourage and empower entire families, the circle of friends, and caregivers in coming to terms with and managing the challenges of being around a child diagnosed with autism.

  • How to Raise Happy and Successful Children: Simple Lessons for Radical Results

    Being a parent is complicated – but the trick to succeed is simpler than you think

    Known as the Godmother of Silicon Valley, Esther Wojcicki’s three daughters are all hugely successful in both their professional and personal lives. What’s her parenting secret?

    As we face an epidemic of parental and childhood anxiety, Woj has the advice every parent wants to hear: climb out of that helicopter and relax.

  • Marital Harmony 25 Way to Keep Your Marriage Happy and Fulfilling

    “Marital Harmony: 25 Ways to Keep Your Marriage Happy & Fulfilling” is a marriage handbook that chronicles the journey through the blissful marriage of two individuals from two different cultures and backgrounds. An accomplished human resources professional and public speaker, Funke Amobi shares 25 essential words for the survival of any marriage backed by over 25 years of experience in the institution of marriage and explains how these words can make all the difference.

    For Married Couples: Marital Harmony serves as a reminder of the key tenets that bind your marriage. For Intending Couples: Marital Harmony offers key insights on how to build lasting marriages with relative ease as you commence your marriage journey.

    The 25 words cut across 4 key ‘shades of marital harmony’: the Spiritual Shade which comprises of words like ‘Prayer’ and ‘Faith’; the Soul Shade including words such as ‘Trials’ and ‘Love’; the Physical or Action-Oriented Shade with words like ‘Sacrifice’ and ‘Communicate’, and the Resources Shade comprising of words like ‘Money’ and ‘Family.’ Each word is backed by real-life experiences and includes harmony drivers with specific tips on how readers can take actionable steps to experience true marital harmony across all spectrums of life.

  • Kasie: Loss, Love & Life

    Kasie is an Igbo word that means “be comforted”. This best explains the central theme of this book. Somehow, life and providence comfort us. The book is divided into three parts. It starts with an introduction written in the form of letters. They speak of pain and the quest for answers. Titled, ‘Flashes of Pain’, it is more about the tortured soul of a grieving dad. It captures my struggles and feelings for my daughter. Part two is titled, ‘Love’ and contains my thoughts and words about love and the many ways it manifested in my life. Part three, ‘Utopia’, contains poems related to my views on life and what life means to me. It tells the story of my life with my kids. Some of the works here are just words. They may not fit the tag of poetry but they are my unvarnished words in their rawest form. I decided to do this collection for two reasons – I do not ever want the world to forget my daughter. In these words, here, I celebrate her short life. I celebrate my love for her and the joy she brought to my heart. The second reason is that I hope that by reading this book, it may comfort those going through pain and help others to understand the pain of loss, especially the loss of a child. The biggest pain of loss is the loneliness you feel in the midst of a crowd because they cannot contemplate what you are going through. I am also hoping that the life lessons that I share, may find home in some other hearts.

  • Raised by Mama, Built by ABBA

    The pillars of a beautiful life stand strong only when they run deep and are firmly secured in a strong healthy foundation – the home. But what happens when that foundation is all shaky and faulty? Raised by Mama, Built by ABBA tells the story of many young lives grappling with the realities of their storm-tossed backgrounds, especially with regards to parental abuse, ignorance, and neglect.

  • The Conscious Parent: Transforming Ourselves, Empowering Our Children

    Conscious parenting is about becoming mindful of your behaviour and engaging with your child as an individual.

    Dr Tsabary inspires parents to get back in touch with their emotions and shed the layers of baggage they have inherited during their own life and are unconsciously heaping on their children. As they become ‘conscious’ in their parenting, so parents can transform their relationship with their offspring and raise happy, well-adjusted children.

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