On a mission was written to help men discover their God-given dreams and how they can thrive to the peak of God’s call upon their life.


  • Dear Pastor’s wife

    Dear Pastor’s Wife is the new revolutionary book for pastor’s wives and all those who love them.


    May sees the pastor’s wife as a special person created by God to bring good in every situation. In fact, she sees a woman’s call as a helpmate as a noble one that means without her presence, society, institutions, and families devolve into confusion and sub-optimal existence. The pastor’s wife is a crucial, often unrecognized part of the church. She brings good to the local assembly and needs to be recognized for all that she offers.


    In a bold and relatable way, Dear Pastor’s Wife is the book every pastor’s wife needs right now to thrive and be everything she has always wanted to be. It is also the book needed by everyone in the church who is not a pastor’s wife.


    Something revolutionary happens to an individual when he or she spends quality time alone in the presence of God in sincere, heartfelt prayers. Most of life’s problems are solved by being alone with God. When you are alone in the presence of God, you are free to think, meditate, pray and connect the help of the Highest; thereafter things are never the same again. Someone once said that when a man works, a man works but when a man prays, God works. Spending time alone with God puts God to work on your behalf. That is worth trying, isn’t it?



    “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Ephesians 6:12 It is imperative for every Christian to understand spiritual warfare and to know the weapons God has provided us with. This inspired, instructive, challenging, and encouraging book will help build the reader up and show how – in the Lord – we are more than conquerors. God has given us armor for protection and weapons for use in attack so that we might know His victory against the enemy.

    Francis Wale Oke outlines these weapons and defences: the belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness, the shield of faith, the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit. He shows us how to go out in victory with our feet fitted with the Gospel of peace and in the prayer of the Spirit.

  • The Seven Commandments of Foolishness

    There is really no grey area between wisdom and folly. The actions one takes to be considered wise or foolish are clear, making who you are or who you will be really a question of choice. Using practical, biblical teachings; Godman Akinlabi identifies seven foolish traits that hinders one from enjoying a life that is filled with God’s blessings.

    “The Seven Commandments of Foolishness” is a must read for anyone who’s tired of living a mediocre life and seeks one of purpose and fulfillment.

  • I Am Possible

    This is not a self-help book. Popular as self-help and some motivational materials may be, many still feel shut out by an invisible barrier that prevents them from reaching their full potentials.

    “I AM POSSIBLE” is in every way a God-help book that explores the foundation on which Christianity is built – Faith. It is through faith that we can shed all earthly inhibitions, leap over obstacles and become all God created us to be. For with God, all things are possible!.

    I Am Possible

  • ACTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT: Testimonies of Kingdom Service

    God has truly done more than we can imagine as Olajumoke Adenowo yields herself in God’s service. We have seen diagnosed diseases disappearing, miraculous births, unusual supernatural occurrences, life restored to the lifeless, miraculous marriages, debts paid, undeserved favour received, powerful breakthroughs in career and finance, miracles from around the globe.

    Wondering if God exists?
    Wondering if miracles still occur?
    Wondering if God still answers prayers?
    Need divine intervention?

    These stories are sure to stir your heart and ignite a flame in you through the Holy Spirit. As you read, prepare to receive your miracle, for there is a power in testimonies to replicate many more miracles.


    The book is an effort to provide further evidence that God is true to His word as Mercy Said No to the angel of death even as the author’s heart stopped beating twice while he was in a coma but resumed on both occasions without any medical intervention. The story is therefore a personal account of surviving critical covid-19 and a conviction that faith in God and prayer was a major part of how and why.

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