• Playing Cards: Black Legends

    This deck is a tribute to Black Legends across Africa, North America, Europe, South America, Asia and Australia.

    Due to a complex past, Black people around the world are culturally different. We see this as an opportunity to celebrate our beautiful uniqueness as a widespread and historically rich people and to explore some of our shared challenges.

    We are highlighting stories of Black Legends who have used their voices, resources and talents to impact the Black community and the world.

    We hope you learn something from this deck, regardless of your race or skin colour. We believe that knowledge is an important part of bridging cultural gaps.

  • Playing Cards : Bible Legends

    The Bible is filled with so many amazing stories of imperfection, God’s Grace, and Redemption, and we are so glad to have the opportunity to highlight some of these stories.

    This deck features 20 amazing yet complex characters and 34 encouraging & enlightening bible verses.

  • Values Deck

    Values are such an important part of our lives and we have created this deck to help individuals identify what values are most important to their lives.

    We believe that Values serve as a guide to action and they inform the priorities people set and the decisions people make.

    We have created this deck to help people explore their different values and decide to consistently make decisions and set priorities based on identified values.

    Values Deck


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